Finished - (PC) Ginetta Junior @ Donington GP



30 minutes qualifiers - 35 Laps race

Q Start at 5:30 PM GMT
Race Starts at 6:05 PM GMT


All Drivers welcome.

Assists banned except ABS
All driving views allowed

Real tyre wear
Real car damages (no breakdown)
Real weather
Real race time

(I will check the exact translations for the above specifications as my game is in French)

Track limit: as per game lap validation rules (it seems fine on this track)
Drive during the race as you would during Qualifiers to get your lap registered.

Please register with both GTP and Steam IDs.

It will be a friendly race so have fun !


Note that race details have also been posted on the new Project Cars public forum.


Start List:
01 TGR_Kefran (Steam: Flying Kefran)
02 ... (Steam: Gravi)
03 ... (Steam: OutbreakDV)
04 ... (Steam: Vogelaufmzaun)
05 Johnnypenso (Steam: Johnnypenso)
06 ... (Steam: Herbino)
07 ... (Steam: Briandtx1313)
08 Wilfred_1 (Steam: Wilfred_1)
09 ... (Steam: Conexant)
10 Fezz Fox (Steam: Fezz Fox)
11 ... (Steam: Delilah)
12 ... (Steam: Battenberg)
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I'll post this up where a few of my mates can see this. Hopefully one or two can come along. Note: I am on call all weekend, so I can't promise I'll make it, although Sundays are usually ok for me. If you need to bump me for someone that is certain to make it that's ok with me:

Start List:
01 TGR_Kefran (Steam: x3r_kefran)
02 ... (Steam: Gravi)
03 ... (Steam: OutbreakDV)
04 ... (Steam: Johnnypenso)
We will use the "Real" weather specification.... so keep an eye on the weather forecast !

I was thinking about this earlier actually. I wonder if they use the local weather forecast for each track or the weather forecast for some central point in the U.K. Do we know if they use local weather? 16C is quite a heatwave for the Brits in May:lol:
Training Room created.

Name: "Donington Gin J"
Just in case anyone is struggling to find this room, like I was, Steam and PCars are set up so that it only looks for lobbies in your geographical region. In my case, all North American lobbies. To find this room, do the following, then change it back when you're done if you want.

Steam (top left)>>settings>>downloads>>region.

Change Region to France, Paris and the room should show up in your searches.
I had to reset the room. I reopened it.

I will send friend invites to all participants for the real race. i will be easier !
I'm up for it
Steam and gtp willfred_1
OK, you are added to the start list

Have you thought about filling the lobby with ai? I think it would quite cool
Yes... but in the training room yesterday, there was a 10 seconds per lap difference between the fastest driver and the some other: it might be complicated to find an AI setting that works for everybody.
I checked the game leaderboard. So far the world record is 1'51.085.

... but the lap times done in MP, career or Practice do not count, only the ones in the Time Attack mode.
Important Notice:

Event Start: 5:30 PM GMT - 7:30 PM CET

The room will be set as "Friends only". So be sure that you have accepted the request I sent you.
I had difficulties to send requests to some of you, so thanks to send a request to "Flying_Kefran" user in Steam.

Room opened and first set of invites sent
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Add me as a friend on steam so I can join whenever you guys race next. Wish I'd of seen this yesterday. Oh well always next time. I'm Jerseyoutlaw on steam. Look forward to racing with you guys.
We ended missing a lot of drivers in addition to the ones who informed they could not attend. We decided to make the room public and reduce the length to 20 laps.

... and in addition, I think the lobby crashed after the race so I could not write down the race results.

But Here are the info I remember:

Qualifiers: Pole position in 1'48.6xx
Race best lap: 1'48.219

1 - Flying_Kefran
2 - Vogelaufmzaun
3 - Delilah
4 - Willfred_1

Thanks to the drivers who joined.
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