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This season has concluded. GT500 will return in 2021.

The Turn One GT500 Cup is an 8-race weekly series using the Gr.2 GT500 cars in Gran Turismo Sport (PS4), competing in races across different circuits in game. The series has two championships: the Drivers Championship, where drivers compete to score the highest amount of points in the season and the Teams Championship, where drivers pair up in teams, and the pair that scores the most points wins the championship. A maximum of 7 teams of 2 drivers can enter.

Drivers Championship:

1. TSR_JoeToGuy // 92 points
2. Nilsemann2002 // 70 points
3. TSR_Tomsoft // 62 points
4. TSR_piolo // 54 points
5. G4_Rotary // 48 points
6. VLX_CJohn // 27 points
7. de-luck4 // 20 points
8. Emilius73 // 17 points
9. amuda74 // 9 points

Teams Championship

1. TSR Nissan // 116 points
2. TSR Honda // 92 points
3. Turn One // 87 points
4. Paradox Autoworks // 60 points
5. VLX // 27 points
6. GBM // 9 points

Drivers and teams register for participating by sending a DM via Discord to Emilius73#1785, or by replying to this thread with the following information:

  • PSN Username
  • Car used
  • Country of origin
  • Race number
  • Team
  • Team Name
  • Title Sponsor (if there is one)
  • Main color
A driver can register as a reserve, to substitute a driver if he/she misses a race. To register as a reserve:
  • PSN username
  • Country
  • Race number
Points that a reserve scores are credited to him/her in the Drivers championship, and for the team he/she is driving for in the Teams championship.

Team Simpact Racing Nissan
Team Simpact Racing Honda
Turn One
Golden Bear Motorsport
Paradox Autoworks
Virtual Life Xperience

TSR_Tomsoft - Germany - #23 - Simpact Nissan - Nissan
TSR_Piolo - Italy - #11 - Simpact Nissan - Nissan

TSR_JoeToGuy - UK - #27 - Simpact Honda - Honda

Nilsemann2002 - Germany - #62 - Turn One - Lexus
Emilius73 - Mexico - #73 - Turn One - Lexus

Amuda74 - USA - #54 - GBM - Nissan

VLX_CrazyJohn - Greece - #25 - VLX - Nissan

G4_Rotary - UK - #32 - Paradox - Honda
de-luck4 - Denmark - #4 - Paradox - Honda

Cars available:

Nissan Motul Autech GT-R ‘16
Honda Raybrig NSX Concept ‘16
Lexus au Tom’s RCF ‘16

Drivers in a team can use different cars.

Maximum power: 650hp
Minimum weight: 907kg/2000lbs

Drivers must include the following elements in their liveries:
  • Driver number using the provided number plates, on both sides of the car and on the hood
    • The driver numbers on the sides and hood must be written in the provided number font. The number on the roof does not need to be written in this font.
Download the required decals here.

All cars must run Michelin "Pilot Sport" tires.


  • SRF logo on the front and rear bumpers
  • Black or white Gran Turismo windshield decal
  • Liveries must not contain any offensive, political, racist, sexist, pornographic or any other inappropriate content.
  • Major changes to a livery are only allowed if a team is changing its name or sponsors.
  • Failing to meet these rules will first result in a warning, then a penalty point for every race that the livery does not comply (more on the Penalties section regarding penalty points).
  • Racing with pornographic/sexual content on your livery will result in an instant permanent ban.
  • The liveries of the two cars in a team must be similar in concept and design, for them to be easily identified as being the same team.
(You can also watch this video as a guide for making liveries)

Make sure that your main sponsor hasn't been taken by another team, the following sponsors have been taken by teams:
  • Discord
  • Breitling
  • Car Barn
  • Tequila Patrón
  • Elf
  • Tomica
  • ManateeGG
  • Acura

Race length: The minimum amount of laps that exceeds 150km
Qualifying: 15 minutes
  • At the end of the qualifying session, drivers will be able to finish the lap they have started, but may not start another one. Laptimes will be recorded once drivers have finished their final qualifying lap.
  • If a driver needs to leave the lobby due to a technical problem, their best laptime will be recorded before they do so.
Start type: Grid start for the Formation Lap, rolling start for the race
Tire wear: 5x
Fuel consumption: 2x (0x in qualifying)
Tire selection: RH, RM, RS (drivers do not need to use more than one tire compound in the race)
Damage: Full (Heavy mechanical damage and visual damage enabled)
Corner cutting penalties: Weak
Tuning on
Other penalties off
Flag rules on
Boost off
Slipstream strength: Real

All times shown use the US Central (CST/CDT) time zone.

Races are held on Sundays.

12:55PM - Lobby opens
1:00PM - Qualifying begins
1:15PM - Qualifying ends, stuck check and formation lap
1:20PM - Race begins

You can use this time zone conversion tool to see when the races are held in your time zone.

WHAT IS THE STUCK CHECK? The stuck check is a simulated start before the Formation Lap. This procedure is implemented to make sure that nobody has problems getting off the line.

Shown below are the tracks, laps, weather, and in-game daytime setting.

30 August: Suzuka, 26 laps, 18:15 sunset (completed)
6 September: Red Bull Ring (rain), 35 laps, dusk 17:30 (completed)
13 September: Monza (no chicane), 26 laps, sunset 19:30 (completed)
20 September: Dragon Trail Seaside, 29 laps, daytime 10:00 (completed)

--- 1 week break between Rounds 4 and 5 ---

4 October: Fuji, 33 laps, daytime 08:00 (completed)
11 October: Autopolis, 33 laps, twilight 19:00 (completed)
18 October: Spa Francorchamps (rain), 22 laps, 11:00 daytime (completed)
25 October: Tokyo Expressway - East Outer Loop (night), 21 laps, 18:00 twilight (completed)

The GT500 Cup is sanctioned by the SRF (Sim Racing Federation) and will follow the “GT” ruleset of their current regulations (v2.0). The full document can be seen here.

Alongside the SRF rulebook, the GT500 series also uses their license tier system. The system works by earning/losing points on your license, determining your driver tier. All new drivers in the SRF start in the Amateur tier, with 35 points to start. Drivers earn points by finishing in higher positions and by racing cleanly, and lose points with unsportsmanlike behavior or incidents.

The series uses a system sometimes known as “first, second, third offense, etc.”, which means that penalties will be greater if a rule is broken several times. Example: Driver 1 missed one race without notifying the admins, and was given a warning. Later in the season he missed a race again without notifying the admins, and on this occasion was given a drive-through penalty.

Drivers will face post-race penalties awarded by the Stewards in case of them causing an incident. Incidents that occur during Qualifying or the race can be reported to the Stewards, via a message presenting the report like shown in the example below:

Incident Report

Lap 1, turn 7

Driver that caused the incident: Driver X
Other drivers involved: Driver Y, Driver Z

Description: Driver X left the track to overtake me and forced me off the track. He then went for a divebomb on Drivers Y and Z, crashing into both of them.

This format is used to simplify the process of finding the incident on replay.

The penalty awarded and how many penalty points are awarded is decided by the Stewards, depending on the severity of the incident and the amount of drivers affected.

Actions that can be penalized include (these are not all of the actions that can be penalized):
  • Crossing the pit entry/exit line
  • Causing an avoidable collision, be it deliberate or accidental
  • Forcing other drivers off track
  • Rejoining the track in an unsafe manner
  • Passing other cars under yellow flags and under the Safety Car.
  • Blocking a faster car under blue flag conditions
  • Blocking other drivers while defending
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Rage quitting
  • Missing a race and not reporting to the admins

Note: To serve a drive through penalty, the driver must go into the pits at the end of the first lap, without changing tires, refueling, or repairing the car.

This list does not cover all offenses that can be penalized. It is up to the Stewards whether an incident is penalized or not.

Points are given to the following finishing positions.

1st: 15 points
2nd: 12 points
3rd: 10 points
4th: 8 points
5th: 6 points
6th: 4 points
7th: 2 points
8th: 1 point
9th or lower: 0 points

  • The fastest lap awards one extra point in both championships, regardless of finishing position.
  • Points that both drivers score count for the Teams championship.

The top 5 finishing drivers are given extra weight ballast for the next 2 races. The ballast is given as follows.

1st: 5% extra
2nd: 4% extra
3rd: 3% extra
4th: 2% extra
5th: 1% extra

If a major incident occurs on track during the race, the Full Course Caution will be used. This procedure consists of the entire field lining up behind the race leader and driving at a reduced speed until the Race Director signals for the green flag.

Each circuit is assigned a Restart Zone, which is an area of the track in which a race can be restarted, with the leader deciding when to accelerate.

If a driver is involved in an incident and believes an FCC is necessary, he/she must type “VD” (which stands for vehicle damage) in the in-game chat. If multiple drivers send this message and/or show to have significant car damage, and/or the race director deems it necessary to call for an FCC, he will do so by typing “FCC” (standing for Full Course Caution) in the in-game chat. The race leader must then slow down to a maximum speed of 80mph/128kmh and allow the field to form up behind him/her. When the Race Director calls for the FCC to end, all drivers will continue driving in a line until they reach the circuit's Restart Zone, where the leader will choose when to accelerate. Overtaking is not allowed until the timing line is crossed.

The pitlane remains open for fuel, tire and/or repair pitstops during an FCC period.

If a driver drops down the order during an FCC period, be it for a spin, crash or another reason, they cannot return to their own position.

Drivers must maintain a minimum distance of one and a half (1.5) car lengths between each other.

Each circuit is assigned a Restart Zone, which is an area of the track in which a race can be restarted, with the leader deciding when to accelerate.

The in-game grid start option will be used, with the drivers driving in a single file for one lap, in the same way as in a Full Course Caution, following the leader. Once that lap is concluded, the green flag waves and the race begins. Each circuit is assigned a Restart Zone, and the leader can choose to speed up at any moment inside this Zone. Overtaking is not allowed until the timing line is crossed.

Drivers are only allowed to make a pitstop at the end of the Formation Lap to repair car damage. Pitstops for fuel and/or tires during the Formation Lap are not allowed.

The maximum speed allowed in the Formation Lap is 80mph/128kmh.

If a driver drops down the order during an FL period, be it for a spin, crash or another reason, they cannot return to their own position.

Drivers must maintain a minimum distance of one and a half (1.5) car lengths between each other.

If a server disconnect occurs, drivers and staff will attempt to restart the race in the running order before the disconnect to complete the remaining laps. The red flag restart begins with one lap under Formation Lap conditions. After that lap, the remaining laps are raced.

For procedures on Formation Laps, see the "Formation Lap Procedures" tab above.


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We've seen some fantastic livery designs from the teams of Season 1, who's ready to see what they have in store for us in Season 2?

Season 1, Round 5
@ Circuit de Sainte-Croix
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Introducing Livery Week

At the race weekend in Autopolis (October 11th), drivers and teams will be able to create special liveries for that particular race! Livery week is an opportunity for drivers to create new designs and showcase them to others.

Liveries made for Livery Week will need to follow the existing livery regulations (see above)
The results from Round 1!

4. TSR_piolo - 49:08.580
5. G4_Rotary - 49:43.949
6. de-luck4 - 49:44.045
7. amuda74 - 48:37.081 (1 lap behind)
8. Emilius73 - 48:47.847 (1 lap behind)
9. Myth1cal_Triangl - 48:23.985 (3 laps behind)

Pole position: TSR_JoeToGuy - 1:43.510
Fastest lap: TSR_JoeToGuy - 1:44.094 - lap 11
Some images from Round 1:

Grid at Round 1.png

The grid right before the start of the formation lap.

Nils and Emilius at hairpin.png

Turn One teammates Emilius73 and Nilsemann2002 on the entry to the hairpin at Suzuka.


Paradox Autoworks driver de-luck4 in the first corner of the circuit.


Paradox teammates G4_Rotary and de-luck4 entering the Casio Triangle chicane.


Turn One lead driver Nilsemann2002 taking the first corner during the opening lap.
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Results from Round 2:

1. VLX_AntonyR
2. TSR_piolo
3. TSR_JoeToGuy
4. Nilsemann2002
5. TeamAlbertini
6. Emilius73
DNF: Amuda74

Pole Position: VLX_AntonyR - 1:30.155
Fastest Lap (+1 point): TeamAlbertini - 1:30.178 - Lap 34
Results from Round 3:

1. VSR_CatFish
2. TSR_JoeToGuy
3. TeamAlbertini
4. G4_Rotary
5. amuda74
6. Nilsemann2002
7. TSR_piolo
8. Emilius73
9. de-luck4

Fastest lap: TeamAlbertini - 1:25.267 (+1 point)
Pole Position: TeamAlbertini - 1:24.868
Updated results from Round 4:


4. Emilius73 - 52:46.015
DNF: deluck4
DNF: VSR_CatFish
DSQ: TeamAlbertini

Fastest Lap: TeamAlbertini - 1:24.711 - Lap 28
Pole Position: TSR_Tomsoft - 1:24.437