First attempts to drift

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Well, it's not complete fair but I set the vcd controller to about 25 or 30% forward and the rest to the back ;) With that you can get the handling of a RWD car, but with the advantages of a AWD car.

Not much further changes, except lowering it a bit (front more than back), changing damper settings to make the back weaker and setting like 2.6 camber up front. Also i use Road tires up front and luxury tires in the back.
Enter the corner with a little flick or brake while entering and it just goes ok.

Al is done using the Logitech DFP in 900 degrees.
Not bad, I use a white Evo RS TME for drifting too, beautiful car, especially to watch in replays. 👍
Drifts were pretty good though, not sure about the wall hitting ya did in the first vid, but the rest of the drifts ya did on Tsukuba were pretty good. Keep em coming!