First Impressions Very Good. VR thoughts.

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    Completely stoked that both Fanatec CSL Elite base and McLaren Rim fully supported! VR only runs smooth if you turn down resolution. Physics feel great to me, also good sound. Since its a beta, I am hopeful that VR visuals will get smoothed out to match the quality of the rest of it and it will be amazing! This is the first sim to fully and properly utilize the rotary switches on the McLaren rim and it is so sweet with everything on that thing working the way it was designed!
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    Just ordered my new PC and cant wait to play ACC this weekend. Im tempted to get a Rift in the next couple of months/weeks because its just 450€ right now... the Vive is still 600...

    Plz keep us updated about your VR experiences in ACC.
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    Go here to find some tips on improving the VR experience. I think there have been some changes in the last couple updates so make sure you're using newer settings (i.e. not the ones in the first part of the thread, though those will probably still work).

    This might help too.

    Rift > Vive IMO. Granted, I only have experience with the Rift but I have no complaints and I've seen people having lots more issues with the Vive than the Rift. The Rift just seems to work, seems like the Vive can be hit or miss. Especially on ACC right now, seems like all VR systems other than the Rift have problems or don't work. Not to mention Rift has a huge eco-system of wonderful games that you won't get on the Vive.
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