FNL1 eSports - F1 2018/2019 Racing League (Aus/NZ) PS4 - Season 4 Registration Now OPEN!

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FNL1 eSports Concord Agreement

Hey guys, with the new season of the FNL1 eSports F1 Championship around the corner, registration is now open. Round 1 will be on June 14.

There’s quite a few changes heading into Season 4 so every driver is required to read the documents and fill out the form as acceptance and their commitment to the 21 race season.

The Season will initially start with F1 2018 on PS4 and then eventually transition over to F1 2019 as soon as all drivers are comfortable within the new game. Races will be held on the Friday night, a week after the real FIA Formula 1 World Championship, with Full Qualifying starting @ 9:45pm AEST Sharp! 50% Race to follow immediately after Q3.

All of the current drivers will get priority however it will be a FIRST IN BEST DRESSED policy for the newcomers to fill out the remaining 3 or 4 seats on the grid. Responses are time stamped at my end.

We are also planning an F2 series which will act as a feeder series to the F1 league. So if you miss out don’t despair, you will be racing one way or another. However we will need at least 10 drivers registered for the F2 series for it to go ahead and be viable. So please share this around to anyone who you think might be interested and keen to have a crack.

Registration link below.

FNL1 SEASON 4 Friday Night F1 League