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Hey everyone, I'm absolutely lost in this forum atm so pls tell me if I did something wrong with the setup of this post or something because I thing i did.

My problem:

Logged in in gt sport the first time today and got no force Feedback. I'm using a controller at the same time to plug in my headset. Everytime I turn off the controller force fedback is back on the wheel. The game somehow things I'm driving on the controller instead of my wheel. I want to use a headset while steering with the wheel, pls help
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Seems odd.
I used to turn the console on with the controller and have my headset plugged into that. But i wouldn't use it for anything, i used the wheel for everything (except my rare visits to the livery editor).

I never had to do anything to make it work. T300RS.

In the end i stopped using the controller for sound as it kept on skipping for half a second like every 5-10 minutes.
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I have a Fanatec wheel and have no trouble using both the wheel and DS4 at the same time. I drive with the wheel but make all of my menu and game play choices with the DS4.
I turn the PS4 on with the DS4, while the game is booting up during the opening movie I connect and turn on my wheel.