Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car PP750 High Speed Ring

Discussion in 'Car Tuning' started by Pitfighter, May 4, 2008.

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    Here is the setup I've been running thats given me some good results. Its a combination of other setups I've found online and the tune seems to work pretty well. Let me know any feedback you have.

    High Speed Ring (not daytona) EDITED: I used this for S7 and got 3rd after 2 tries (change the HP to 415 -32 and kg to 1001 86)

    Power (HP) 519 : -12
    Weight (kg) 990 : 85
    Tires : F R2 R R3
    Aero : 12 33

    Ride Height (mm) : -13 -13
    Spring : 7 7
    Damper: 6 6
    Toe: -0.10 -0.15 EDITED -0.10 + 0.35
    Camber: 2.1 2.3 EDITED 3.3 5.6
    Brake: 6 10 EDITED 8 10
    Max Turn: 40
    Trac: 2 EDITED 1
    ABS: 2

    1st - 2.610
    2nd - 1.710
    3rd - 1.230
    4th - 0.940
    5th - 0.770
    6th - 0.630
    Final - 4.417

    Thanks for the feedback holden

    Netherlands Under your bed

    Will try it tonight! So far I've been driving the tuned Vette only, but it's time for me to take on this beast!
  3. Pitfighter


    The GT tears the the vette apart.....let me know how it works out:cheers:
  4. nd 4 holden spd


    Well in that case I challenge you to a race :mischievous:
    I'm going to try the setup now.:tup: As promised.

    Edit: Something of a Review (I used no TCS and ABS 1)
    I took this car out for a spin now. (I'm also feeling really dizzy and light headed now, so forgive me if this is brief). The car had pretty good brakes but still a tendency to slide the rear end out under brakes, but turn-in was good anyway. Going through the esses was a little difficult as is-matching the tyres like that has made some un-gainly understeer. This also transfers to higher speed corners where I was experiencing understeer. The rear still likes to kick the tail out but I could control it. Certainly not a Corvette beater in my hands. I got a few seconds faster in my Corvette around Suzuka. You have definitely made it better than before, but as I'm not a fan of tyre mis-matching, and I think there are ways to tune your suspension a bit more to make it better, I guess I would have done things differently. All I can say for now is, try some positive rear toe, then iron out some of the understeer with spring rates, and camber. You may end up with a more stable car, but less understeer.


    The only thing that tears the vette apart is the way you drive. Get some driving skills, instead of bashing everyone one you come across, and riding walls. Try to drive that thing like you bought it instead of stole it.
  6. nd 4 holden spd


    What the hell? Are you insulting his driving or something? Please don't.


    Just stating the facts. If you approve of blowing thru and into everyone on the race track then I will refrain from further posting an remove my membership in this forum . I have no need for Bashers and those that support them.

    Yes he has paid for his game and the right to drive anyway he pleases, but if you feel that is Racing and this fourm supports that than I have no need to be here. I paid for the game too and have a right to my opinion.

    Maybe some of the bashers need to race in LFS (live for speed) and see how long they would last in a room.
    About 2 seconds and they will be booted.

    Sorry for venting but I guess I will just wait for private rooms then I wont have to deal with people without driving skills.

    Sorry if my post offended anyone. I'm done. So I will regress. Pitfighter is the best and greatest driver I have every seen on GT5.
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    Thanks for the props smokie, don't be mad that I beat you every time:)
  9. nd 4 holden spd


    This forum in no way approves bashing. I have not seen his driving before, but I assumed it would be fair and clean. Perhaps I should have a race with both of you to see what the fuss is. Maybe I can find what you're problems are with each other first-hand. Unless you're not on the PAL game, stupid region lock.
  10. Pitfighter


    Sure, I'm always up for a good race......smokey wiped me out so I put him in the wall. I won't ever slam into someone for no reason but if you take me out I'm coming for you.
  11. nd 4 holden spd


    Revenge is not the answer ever. In fact, we've turned dirty racers clean in the past by showing them sportsmanship. I think you don't have PAL to race me.
  12. DMARCO


    ON lap one in more than one race you had basted into me from behind at full speed and every other driver. You hit me 5 times in one lap and it was me after several races of you basting into me who got tired of it and drove you into the pit lane entry wall on HS ring.

    I do my very best to race clean. But I am the one who after your abusive driving habits had to take the defensive stand of aggression and say enough is enough. You could'nt out drive me on my worst day without running the walls or trying to drive me into the wall. I do my best to hold my race line and never bump or drive anyone in to a wall on porpose. I will brake or put myself into the wall to keep from hitting someone else if I have to. Do you have a brake? You hit everyone you pass. You been watching too much nascar or something.

    You can ask someone like Gamegansta, NDW, or Spider027, or many, many other drivers that I have raced wheel to wheel side by side lap after lap,2 abreast through turn after turn, without one of us even touching, if I win thru bashing. I will put up with a lot, but if someone makes it a habit of trying to take me out I will return the favor. I agree some bumping is going to happen but punting every one on the track is different.

    Pitfighter, no true ill-will toward you and you may be a great driver and a great tuner. but please show it in your racing. I will gladly race with you lap after lap without ever trying to run you off the road. Look at this as a wake up call. I love to race. I want you to race with me as clean as possible and I will do the same. we will both will enjoy it much more.
  13. Seismica

    United Kingdom Guisborough

    I got a better time with my settings, just the way i drive i guess :)

    only by about half a second though, your setup is very good :D
  14. Pitfighter


    The setup can def use some work, it could also be that the GT is a bit tough to tame.
  15. Div is back


    I'm not a fan of the extreme settings. Rear camber is outrageously high. Suspension settings are way too high.

    I have found that using a 4 3 or 3 3 setting instead of 7 7 with the Corvette gave much better exit speed, weight is easily transfered to the back wheels.
  16. NLxAROSA

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    I tried it. Very nice settings, makes the car a lot better to handle. But I guess this car is not for me, I gave it a few shots online, but I just don't like the car. Has nothing to do with your settings though, they work very well. I'll stick to my Vette. ;)
  17. Pitfighter


    Thanks, still think it can use a bit more tune
  18. paconina


    I used your edited set up and I did the S07 and S10 in a row. Very good settings. Congratulations! In the S10 I did it with 9 seconds from the 2nd car, and I achieved the first place in the beggining of the 3rd lap. It was amazing. Thanks. :)
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  20. jwb351

    PSN:accessraider & GTP_accessraider

    I will try these settings online against my buddies & let you know what I think
  21. RyanGee


    WOW! I had been trying s-7 and s-10 for ages with lots of different cars and tuning settings, first time i try them with the Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car and these tuning settings i win both races.

    Thank You :)
  22. Pitfighter


    Glad to help!!
  23. I've been having having a blast with Holden's exact setup, but there are a few guys who just seem to pull away in the straight unless I can catch their draft...any suggestions on changing gearing or final drive ratio? I'm willing to sacrifice a little handing if need be as I've gotten used to the car (I think

    TIA for your help
  24. dalejrfanfreak


    This set up helped me a lot. The only problem is that the car is very loose when hammering down the gas to come out of the turns which kills the straightaway speed.
  25. this tune results in being over the 750pp

    this is getting more and more confusing...:dopey:
  26. alx-ndr


    i can only get 1min02 out of this... first time using the GT LM, it always looked much faster. My elise 111r tuned gets 1min03 and that can only get up to 165 on the straights...
  27. PIGBOY

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    old bloody posts.....
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