Ford Mustang (6th Gen) GT Stage 2 by Petty's Garage 2015

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Brunswick, Frederick County, Maryland

Engine: 5-liter Ford V8.
Charge System: Ford Racing/Roush supercharger.
Power: 618 hp (461 kW/621 PS).
Transmission: Ford MT82 6-speed manual/Ford 6RSO 6-speed automatic.
Drivetrain: Rear-wheel-drive.
Production Figures: 43 cars.
Color Choice: Tuxedo Black/Petty Blue.

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According to the articles you've posted, this is a tuned Ford Mustang and will be sold as a Ford Mustang by Ford.

So the title should be "Ford Mustang GT by Petty's Garage Stage 2 2015" (and similar for the 100 Stage 1 cars, should you make a thread for that too).
South Africa
South Africa
.............It's a 'Stang. It's painted in icy blue, my fav hue. DO I NEED ANY MORE REASON TO VOTE FOR IT?????