Formula 1 2006/CE, my career mode, hard

Recently I've went through my old games (was bored) and found this gem of a game, old but gold. I remember it always to be one of the hardest games (and I still suck with manual gear), so I got it back on an emulator... sadly the 2006 for a ps2 emulator since the ps3 CE emulated would just lag a lot too hard while the regular runs fine. Plus I just can't take that dang motion blur. Using a controller, oh and just to mention, I most likely will avoid all rain races. I haven't decided either If I'll drive in 5 diffrent, increasingly better cars or just try to rush for my red target.

So I've decided to replay the career mode on hard and try my best. Started out with a trial for Toro Rosso, beaten the 3:50 time on magny cours over 3 cumulative laps and grabbed first driver seat. Avoiding the annoying team ability tests. Well I won't have a lot of time to so I probably won't do too much. The first 5 races I might do rather quickly though since I've already practiced those and made acceptable setups for them. Any tips are greatly appreciated though, I do struggle a lot.

As said above, Cumulative 3 laptimes, 3:46,136, got offered first driver seat for Toro Rosso thats how I've started.