Formula 1 penalty memes

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FIA deciding to strip Alonso of his impressive, hard-fought P7 for the sake of a mirror, it gave me this idea to look on past incidents and give them too harsh a penalty.


Russell is shown the black flag at the end of the first lap for unsportsmanship-like behavior after taking out Sainz.

Gasly receives a race ban after putting the tractor driver's life at risk (Japanese GP)
FIA is such a joke this season, making Fl an absolute mess. It's a shame this thread exists but an entertaining idea.

A new 'track limits no worries everyone knows you are fast enough' flag is created for a driver of a top team who runs off track in Q1 to continue to following sessions - this would be shown to Max in Q1 to avoid any confusion.
Blue Meatball flag for drivers of midfield or backmarker teams who accidentally are up lots of places early and risk getting in the way of a driver from the top teams. Required to pit for equipment check.