FORMULA GT (drift club)

hey everyone;

Formula GT (Drift Club)

i have a new club offering positions to the Very Best players in gran turismo sport.

Individual Drift teams can sign up to 2 Players to represent their team, solo players can request membership and I will hold a one on one session to scout your skill as a drift driver, think of it as a Qualifying for the club.

Once the club has made a significant amount of members they’ll be split into two separate Formula GT club teams Red vs Blue.

Each member in Club F:GT Blue or Club F:GT Red will go against each other one on one representing their own individual teams or themselves as a solo player.

Each club member Does Not have to leave there own team to represent the Formula GT club.
- you’re simply representing your team as the best drivers in the club.

Each club in blue or red will go against each other.
after all winners are selected from either Blue or Red they will than go against each other club member in a battle royale until there is only one drift king left to boast to his/her team members or to his/her friends.

There’s only three rules in the club and in the events;

1. Be respectful to each member, banter is aloud just don’t be crude.

2. When you’re faced against the rival in each round, if you purposely ram off the track or lose control by going off track you automatically are disqualified in that round.

3. Camber has to be set at a minimum of 4.0+ (ie: 4.8) and camber at the rear has to be set to 0

This allows your skills to be pitted against each other in real angle vs speed or both.

Abs will be allowed to add some grip to those prefered drivers.

Sports Hard or Comfort Hard tyres only.

If your club rival is using one or the other:

I the judge will determine by a random generated game of rock paper scissors out of three - which player has to use what compound of tyres against his/her opponent.

So if (A) is good with comfort hard and (B) is good with sports hard R.P.S/3 will determine which player has to change tyre compound.
or a automatic disqualification will happen if arguing on decision occurs.

The next player in the line up in either club blue or red will automatically have to go with the decision of what was made to advance to the next stage to become drift king for the club and drift king for their team or themselves.

Each round will have a Follow and Chase Full lap with Final, if the track is large the events will be held over a 7 day period.

If one club colour member can’t compete, you can nominate another club member of either team colour but they’ll miss out on there own run losing a round automatically but also winning a round for the nominated member.

If all goes well i hope to add a second division, third division and fourth division.

Happy drifting and hope to see you request membership in the Playstation Community ✅