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    Welcome to the Hall Of Fame, here I will post several statistics about the GTPlanet Championship and we will see who is statistically and maybe the best driver of Formula One Championship Edition.

    Gyles69(Fishfash) - Double Champion, season 1 and 4 (Reigning Champion)
    Shaggy Alonso - Double Champion, season 2 and 3

    Wins (Top 5):
    Gyles69(Fishfash) - 30
    Shaggy Alonso - 17
    Kakundoo - 5
    F1MadAd - 5
    GT4 Genius and DonkeyFuzz- 3

    Pole Positions (Top 5):
    Gyles69(Fishfash) - 34
    Shaggy Alonso - 9
    F1MadAd - 8
    Appie- 3
    GT4 Genius, Kakundoo and DonkeyFuzz- 2

    Fastest Laps (Top 5):
    Gyles69(Fishfash) - 29
    Shaggy Alonso - 18
    F1MadAd and DonkeyFuzz - 4
    Appie and GT4 Genius - 3
    Kakundoo and KingMart1n- 2

    Amazing Achievements
    4th GTP Championship, Canada, Montreal
    What a race, I wasn't there but it sounds splendid, I think the awsomeness of this race is how competitive, F1MadAd, and Gyles69 were, in qualifying, a mere 0.017 seconds was the difference between P1 and P2. I hear it was competitive until lap 3 where Gyles recieved a penalty, this gave MadAd the edge espescially when, only moments later Gyles should crash into the infamous 'Wall of Champions' but this ment nothing because shear pace was the key of this story. MadAd says 'He was getting closer and closer until he was right up my backside', with this at the final chicane, thlast corner of the race, Gyles stepped on the throttle just 0.2 seconds quicker than MadAd and took the chequred flag. This is amazing stuff, I also think MadAd, deserves a well done for kepping his cool under pressure.

    3rd GTP Championship, Italy, Monza
    This was in the days of collisions ans when racing was very very hard to do because of lag and what not. Kakundoo and Shaggy were neck and neck for the first stint which is about 7-8 laps. This is quite remarkable considering that collisions were on and it was very nip and tuck. I for one think it would have been awsome to see because it takes real skill to do something like that. In addition, it was all done in heavy rain! How on earth is that possible. Anyway, fantastic racing.

    4th GTP Championship, China, Shanghai
    One of my favourite races ever! The whole race, there was never less than 5 tenths between us, literally! For the full 20 laps, there was no seperation whatsoever and it was 50:50 on who was going to win. There isn't much to say other than how close it was but it was a fight for my first win and obviously a fight for the win for Kakundoo. We started the final lap, the pressure not getting to us but it was there. Down the back straight we came, into the hairpin and through the final corner... There had to be a winner, and my first win came and it was fantastic, absolutley marvellous! Well done to Kak in this race as I think it was whoever had the better acceleration out of the last turn. I don't think that the 'X' button could have been pressed any harder!

    NOTICE: To all members who have taken part in any championship, if you think of any momentus moments please post below. Thanks!
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    I never noticed this was here xD. Good stuff Nev, I'd like to add that I'm pretty sure i've had more than one pole position and as for momentus moments, I have a couple :D

    Monza (3rd Championship) - Although it wasn't quite as great as the one you mentioned in Canada, i'm sure Shaggy would agree that for the first stint of the race, we had some great racing between the two of us, especially with collisions on and in heavy rain!

    Hungary (4th Championship) - A hard fought race which myself and F1MadAd fought constantly the entire race (I think it was F1MadAd anyway?), lap after lap, but I managed to just take second in the last corner of the last lap.

    Shanghai (4th Championship) - Probably the toughest race I've had. I'm sure you'll remember this one Nev as it was very nip and tuck throughout the entire 20 laps, and you just managed to stay ahead by 2 tenths of a second to recieve the victory.

    Monza (Again lol, 4th Championship) - Another tough race which was between myself and F1MadAd, and a couple of others, including yourself and King at numerous points in the race. Also, the first four grid positions in qualifying were separated by one tenth of a second! Nev made a couple of errors but ended up in a close 3rd, whilst I finished a tenth of a second behind F1MadAd, as he took the win.
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    I think my most competitive moment against the likes of Gyles & the rest of you was at Monaco in the 4th Championship. I was on pace with Gyles and at one point was gaining on him, could have been my one and only podium for that season.
    One of my other favourite races was in the 1st Championship at Indianapolis against GT4 Genius. I held 2nd behind Gyles (who was miles ahead) for most of the race until the 2nd pit stops, where I spun at the last corner. Again, that was one of the few times in that season I was on pace with others though it did help back then that we had collisions on and Genius had been involved in a lot of collisions with my Honda! :lol:

    Going back and looking at the laptimes I put in the 1st season compared to now is interesting too, I think there is a screen capture of Turkey qualifying at both the 1st Championship and the 4th.
    Edit: Here there are:

    The whole field would qualify ahead of almost everyone in the 1st season! :lol:

    To help your records, DonkeyFuzz, I'll have a look through the 2nd season thread for the pole positions, I'm pretty sure Gyles took photos for all of them.
    Edit2: Here are the PAL pole positions for the 2nd Championship:
    Gyles - 8
    (Australia & Europe assumed)
    Lewy0s - 1
    Shaggy Alonso - 8
    Kak - 1

    I can also get the NTSC stats too, but part way through their season some of them started avoiding qualifying to avoid turn 1 crashes. Reading through these threads now reminds me how bad it got with collisions on.
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    Thanks Ardius, I'll update this thread a little later.