Forza 4 Disc 2 Car Packs

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by ERIC11940, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. ERIC11940


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    My Xbox 360 HDD shows that I have these car packs in my Forza 4 data and that I have to install them with Disc 2 instead of buying them off the Xbox Marketplace.

    1950-2000 Model Year Car Pack
    2001-2005 Model Year Car Pack
    2006-Current Model Year Car Pack

    But when I started up Forza 4 and went to the main menu, the "Install Disc 2" icon wasn't there. Does anyone know the problem to it. Is it because that I've downloaded other Car Packs?
  2. Im_Lukas


    I don't know anything from experience but searched around a bit on the internet for similar problems.

    One suggestion was to finish the first race of the career mode and then it might pop up in the menu where it says Career, Community, something else. Another suggestion was to find a car in the dealership which is from disc 2, a mentioned example was the Ferrari 612 and try to purchase it and it should prompt you to install disc 2, if not then it should either let you purchase the car in which case you have disc 2 installed already, or it should say you have to purchase the packs (1950-2000 Car Model Year, 2000+ or something like that).

    Probably a silly question but did your game actually come with 2 discs? The essentials edition only has one disc and apparently won't allow you to install disc 2 unless you get an original disc 1.
  3. Tyger


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    Also do you have enough available memory? If you have the 4Gb Xbox you will only be able to install those packs if you literally have little or nothing else on your hard drive. I even had to uninstall the two free games that came with the console (though these were pretty bad anyway!)

    You will also not be able to save or view replays, so you really need more memory if this is the case. Some suggest using a flash drive, I upgraded my HDD though eventually.

    EDIT: Just saw that you downloaded other car packs. This seems kinda odd to me, why didn't you install all the cars that come with the game first? Although it should still let you install them...odd. Another option would be to delete any installation data and DLC from your hard drive (but not save data, or back it up) then put disc 1 in again, install the disc 2 cars *then* reinstall any DLC.