XBOne Forza 5-like controller settings for PCars

Discussion in 'Project CARS 1' started by daspianist, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. daspianist


    I am playing using the controller, and am trying to replicate the controller settings that one would get with Forza 5 (since I am quite used to that).

    Has anyone been able to replicate what that type of settings may be like? I have tried using no deadzones or large deadzones, but so far it has not worked well. Any recommendations would be much appreciated - thanks!
  2. FOG-Smokebeer


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    Hi can't help you mate sorry I use a wheel but in each cars setup is the steering ratio most people find making it slower by moving the slider up about 3/4 the actual numbers change with each car this should hopefully give you a better feel :)
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  3. YayoiGT2


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    Changing the 'mode' in Advanced Settings will affect the filtering of the analog sticks.
    • Mode 1 is the most direct of the three. Your inputs are basically 'as is', with only a tiny delay to go from lock-to-lock. This is the mode I prefer.
    • Mode 2 is not very direct. You steer, but there's a delay which "smooths" the input. This is kinda like "Normal" steering in Forza Motorsport games, but not really.
    • Mode 3 is the least direct. Your inputs control where the wheel stops turning, but the actual steering will steer towards that point at a linear, fixed rate. This is the default.
    All three modes offer steering assistance and advanced filtering options which I do not use.
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  4. Speedster911


    ^^ Interesting.

    I wish they'd improve and iron out the visuals/audio the way they've done with the controls, post-patch.