Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Expansion Map Revealed

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I am extremely curious to how they try to explain the existence of this area in-universe. Usually for the Expansions, the characters try to explain the existence of each new area, such as the Horizon Festival commissioning a set of artificial islands for the FH3 DLC.
“Papa Fernando found some funky candies in the back of the Vocho, and a day later amigo, he told us of this vast and wonderful world in the sky…”
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Tbh it kinda looks a bit empty in the middle
Would’ve liked it if the biomes blended smoothly into each other rather than just slicing them into three evenly-sized pieces
Also hope there’s not too many barriers so we can fall off
Mexican citizens seeing a Hot Wheels city appear outta nowhere
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Weird thing I noticed: Since championship 9 started or about that time, the view tilts a bit even out of Hot Wheels like in FH3 on some landing and jump launches.