Forza Motorsport Expands Accessibility Options With "Blind Driving Assists"

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Nice to see these things, games for everyone

In the other hand, that was a new gameplay from the new Forza? if it's i'm not really impressed sincerely
While I don't disagree, bear in mind that it's hardly a feature-complete, final version being played, and visuals aren't necessarily a priority in this particular build...
Is this the first-ever game to enable blind people to drive? That's pretty amazing. I'm curious how well it works, will try it out by blindfolding myself when it comes out.
The fact that a developer is finally making assists for visually impaired players is amazing to see. Up until now the only kind of visual assists you’d see in racing games were colourblind filters and maybe a lighting control option for people with photosensitive epilepsy.
I’d love to see what they do for players who are hard of hearing, as someone who struggles with hearing difficulties
I kinda want to try this. Blindfold myself and see if I can do a good lap on the Nordschliefe.
I'm definately glad they're considering the blind for their game, they still like to play video games too including racing games.

Also, is that a Ford Focus Touring Car?
Yes, it is. I believe that this car has been seen before in one of the leaked images (albeit in a different livery):
Chapeau! They went one step further in what Sim racing does. Giving people the chance to do, what they never could do in real world. That's great. 👍🏻
what is so funny?
I guess it has something to do with Gran Turismo has nothing to worry about the next Forza since even a player with disabilities would be able to play it... Not like the real driving simulator. Yes, it's sad.
Of course they have nothing to worry about. When you're a company who sneaky adds in MTX after reviews go out, alter prize money to make grinding even harder even on hardcores, lock players out from playing your ONLINE ONLY game for 30 hours, and still get praised for it, I'd be laughing too. Real Driving Simulator? Yeah, but not when you have to keep changing the physics every single freakin' update and expect players to be okay with it...

Also, it's not like GTS added the fact in one of it's promos that anyone from 7 to 77 in age can play their game. So I'm not seeing what is funny about letting those with disabilities being able to play as well.
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