Forza3 Tune question

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So I finally got my XBox hooked up to Live last night. I went into Forza's storefront, and holy crap. Tons of pretty neat designs and whatnot. I was looking for tunes and came across a ton of them.

So here is my question, when I buy a tune, is it still able to be tweaked by myself? I could have found out last night for 1000 creds, but I didnt want to waste any money, as I dont have much to spare.

Also now that I have Live is there any DLC I could grab that isnt the FM3 Ultimate Collection?

Thanks in advance.
I'm afraid not i'm not sure whether to see it as a good thing or a bad thing ! I discovered a major flaw here - I tuned a CRX it was great round Tsukuba, I gifted it to my friend for a shot and when he gifted it back I decided to make a few tweaks but it didnt let me, it says its locked by the original owner ! Hello Turn10 thats me !!

I'm not sure about the DLC content !
Tunes can be locked or unlucked, if I remember right. It should say so when you're downloading it...

Personally, I'd recommend to get into tuning a bit yourself. This tool has been a great starting point for me. Granted, you won't be making any record-setting tunes, but with that calculator and a bit of trial and error, you can come up with some pretty neat stuff.
If you gift a created tune by yourself it's unlocked.

I can see why they are locked though.
People would buy a tune. Tweak ride height a couple of mm and put it back on the store as there tune.

Blame cheaters.
If you have a smart phone or tablet there is a tuning application called "Forza Tune" that tunes better than the majority of the tunes found in the storefront. You can download it from your respective app. store.

I upgrade my vehicles to the top of the class or highest AI PI I wish to race against then input the data into the app and it spits out a tune. Feel free to sell the tune on the store front.