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    :: FM4 FP_FRS Week X: Results ::


    ***INSERT CAR***

    ***INSERT TRACK***

    Car specifications:

    ***INSERT CAR SPECS*** (i.e.355 PI Class C 100% Stock 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo)


    Division 1 Masters:


    Division 2 Professionals:


    Division 3 Expert:

    ***DIVISION 3 Times***

    * Denotes a Replay is required to be uploaded to their storefront for verification.

    FRS Point System:

    We have compiled a point system for the FRS organized by division:
    Below are some key points on how it works:
    • Divisional Points are as follows:
      1st Place - 8 points
      2nd Place - 7 points
      3rd Place - 6 points
      4th Place - 5 points
      5th Place - 4 points
      Participation - 2 points​
    • You get 1 point just for submitting the qualifier run and 2 points just for submitting a time for that week. The better you place for that week, the more points you will receive.
    • Your points will get reset back get 5 points total for being promoted to a higher division.
    • The points will reset every 4 months, completing a 'season'.
    • Once a season ends, the point system will reset back to week 1 using the following week's FRS combo.

    Submitting And Verifying A Requested Replay:

    If a request is made for you to supply a replay, look in the results thread for a "(Replay Required)" to appear next to your name and submitted time. You may also get a PM if a replay hasn't been promptly provided.

    Many hands make little work and if you can assist the Race Stewards in verifying each others lap times, it won't go unappreciated. Follow The Guide To Managing FM4 Replays to verify another drivers submitted time.

    Remember to mark whether the replay was valid or not in the results thread:
    [​IMG] - Clean/Valid Lap
    [​IMG] - Dirty/Invalid Lap
    [​IMG] - DQ'd Lap (only used in the results thread by the Race Stewards)

    The code to insert a flag is. Remember to wrap them in an Image Tag; :

    Clean/Valid Lap - http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/5458/user118395pic1573412914.gif

    Dirty/Invalid Lap - http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/745/rflagnv1.gif


    Thanks to all who participated. :tup:

    FP OLR Admin Team :cheers:

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