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    :: FP_Registry ::


    :: Official FP_Registry Qualifier ::


    1999 Lamborghini Diablo GTR


    Infineon Raceway NASCAR Course


    Game Mode:

    • Free Play > Hot Lap
      [*]Infineon Raceway > NASCAR Course
      [*]Complete your fastest, clean lap. Please refer to the OLR Rules and Qualifier Rules below before submitting your fastest lap.


    Car Specifications:

    • 700 PI 100% Stock 1999 Lamborghini Diablo GTR

    In-Game Difficulty Options:

    • Braking (ABS): Optional
    • Steering: Optional
    • Stability Control: Optional
    • Traction Control: Optional
    • Shifting: Optional
    • Suggested Line: Optional
    • Rewind: OFF

    OLR Rules:

    Standard clean OLR rules apply:

    • All Hard Surfaces are track. This includes rumble strips, concrete, cobbles, etc
    • If your lap gets flagged with the Forza Invalidation Indicator: /!\ Your lap may still count as long as it fits the rest of the listed criteria (i.e. two tires were on/above the track when the /!\ indicator came up)
    • However, if you get the Forza Invalidation Indicator: /!\ at the start of your lap, the lap will not count as you may have gained an unfair advantage at the end of the previous lap
    • Rewind MUST be set to OFF
    • 2 wheels on (or vertically in line with) the track at all times
    • Rumble/ripple strips are part of the track
    • No contact with walls or objects, visible or invisible
    • If you're not 100% sure that your lap is clean, then consider it dirty
    • No hybrids
    • No cheating of any kind
    • Nothing that goes against the spirit of the game
    • Anything we haven’t thought of that could be construed as cheating
    • Save your replay and keep it safe for at least 6 weeks after the deadline

    Qualifier Rules:

    • The qualifier MUST be run using your specific XBOX Live GOLD Account. You cannot submit a Hot Lap under a silver account because you can't upload your replay to your storefront online. Nor can you use someone else's Gold Account, this will result in a disqualification.
    • Do not discuss privately or post publicly any of your splits or final times, or anything relating to this qualifier that would indicate a sector time or a full lap time. By taking part in this qualifier you therefore agree to this very strict ruling
    • Everyone who wishes to participate in the Forza (weekly) Race Series MUST complete this qualifier.



    When you have verified your lap is clean and the best you can do, visit http://frs.atspace.co.uk/qualifier.
    Fill out each field and click Submit at the bottom to complete the process.

    If you encounter any issues with the submission form or process, please send a PM to Terronium-12 or Jump_Ace. Also note the following:

    • You can submit only ONCE (be sure to give it your best effort)
    • Please give it your best effort as sandbagging is highly frowned upon in the Forza Planet community. It would be greatly appreciated by all FP Race Admin and participants if you would dedicate at least as much time to the qualifier as you would to a regular WRS event.
    • Please include in your PM, your Forza Planet ID, XBox Live Gamertag, your location (Country) and your Lap Time.
    • Submit your time, on a single line, in the following format:
    • User: [Forza Planet ID] Gamertag: [XBox Live Gamertag] Country: [Country] Time: [Total time]
    • For Example: User: Jump_Ace Gamertag: JUMPxACE Country: USA Time: 1'23.456
    • Please name the PM subject title "FP_Registry Qualifier (Submission)". Any ambiguous subject titles can easily be lost.

    Your division will be determined by your lap time submission. Please allow for 2-4 weeks from time of submission for your entry to be categorized. Feel free to post in the weekly race threads while you wait for your qualifier to be processed. However, you will not appear in the Weekly Splits Leaderboard (which can be found here: http://frs.forzaplanet.net) until you have been added to the FP_Registry.

    After you have submitted your absolute best effort in the Qualifier, keep an eye on FP_Registry to see your division placement.

    Please refer to this Time Calculator Website to properly add multiple times together (when necessary) before submitting your time.

    This is a friendly competition open to drivers of all abilities, so start racing and we'll see you in the results :) :tup:

    Time Verification:

    SPECIAL NOTE: When running your qualifier time. Please restart your session every 15 or sooner (10 to 12 laps depending on the track). FM4 will stop recording your replay after (roughly) 15 minutes. Thus, if you run your best lap after it stops recording, it won't count as you can't provide the replay.

    Save your replay and keep it at least 6 weeks after submission:

    • Top 10 fastest times from each division will be required to submit a replay for verification
    • Any submitted time is subject to a time verification request
    • When a time verification has been requested, the concerned racer must provide a replay within 3 days
    • Failure to do so will result in the submitted time being ignored for official registration
    • Video replays are not accepted (i.e. using camera phone, camcorders, etc.)


    Submiting a Requested Replay:

    If a request is made for you to supply a replay we will contact you via PM and supply you with all the relevant information you need in order to carry out the request.

    Race Stewards Comments:

    The aim of this qualifier is to create divisions within the FP_Registry specific to Forza Motorsport 4.
    Give this your absolute best effort so we can place you in the proper division.
    We intend to keep the qualifier open most of the time, but it may need to close from time to time if we get too busy with the FRS or with life.

    If you have any questions, please post them in the Registry Discussion Thread.

    Creating an XBox Live Account:

    Follow this link to create an Xbox Live Gold account via the World Wide Web, or alternatively create one via your Xbox 360 console:


    What Happens Next?:

    Once we receive your registration, it will be processed, and if accepted, we will add your XBox Live Gamertag to the registry and place you into the correct division for your submission, we will then notify you via PM when once the process is completed. Please allow 14-28 days for your registration to be processed.

    New FP forum members, please note that you must make a post in the forums before you can send Private Messages. When you have made a post to the forum, It will only be a short time to wait for your Private Message System is enabled.

    What Happens if My Registration is Refused?:

    In the unfortunate and unlikely event of being refused entry onto the register there is another method of entry. The second method of entry has been put in place to eliminate any chance of being wrongly labelled as a bad driver in the past.

    In order to secure entry onto the register after being refused, you will then have to acquire two guarantors who are already registered on the FP_Registry to vouch for you. Once this has been achieved, then your entry onto the registry will be reassessed in a fair and unbiased manner.

    Explanation of the Division System:

    The weekly FP_FRS (Forza Race Series) will contain multiple divisions, with division 1 being the highest division. Each division will be subdivided in a gold, silver and bronze category.

    Based on the time run in the qualifying race, a player is placed in the corresponding division and category. This way players can compare themselves to other players with a similar level of play, without having to feel to be participating just to fill up the results.

    Since the result of the qualifying race is only a random indication, players might be promoted when the result of the qualifying doesn't display the actual level of play of the driver or in case the driver shows an apparent improvement in level of play.

    Only the Racing Admins will decide if a player is eligible for a promotion, on the condition that the player takes part on a regular basis and shows to be able to maintain that higher level of play for multiple weeks.

    Terms & Conditions of Registration:

    When applying to register, you hereby agree to the following terms & conditions:

    1. You agree to abide by the FP Rules & Guidelines: http://www.forzaplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=911
    2. Only one registered XBox Live Gamertag per FP member
    3. Anyone found, or attempting to have more than one registered XBox Live Gamertag will be excluded from all approved FP events and removed from the official FP_Registry.
    4. By registering you agree to abide to all race rules & driving standards laid out by the hosts of all FP approved race events.
    5. When using your official XBox LIve Gamertag registered ID in public or private races outside of FP's control, it is expected that you race to the standard that is deemed acceptable by the hosts of the given event.
    6. While FP has a specific code of conduct for appropriate online gaming behavior for our authorized "FP" tag users to follow, we however have no control of anyone's usage of their XBox Live Gamertag and FP is in no way be responsible for any misconduct by anyone that uses their XBox Gamertag if their player name does not appear in the Official FP_Registry.
    7. You agree not to do anything that can be construed as going against the spirit of the game, either here at the FP or anywhere outside the domain of FP.
    8. The Race Admins will evaluate the registration of a player, after having been disqualified from a race for the third time, and subsequently have the right to disqualify this player from the FP_Registry in case they consider legitimate.
    9. Flagrant violations of the FP Online Racing Rules & Guidelines may result in exclusion from the FP_Registry.
    10. Most importantly, you are expected to have fun.


    Good luck. :tup:

    FP OLR Admin Team :cheers:

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