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    Welcome to the Japanese GT3 Cup, organised by the new group Fez Sporting Club!
    Here you have all the information.
    The FSC Series Japanese GT3 Cup is a 5-round championship using Gr.3 cars (only Japanese manufacturers and Japanese tracks). We will race every Monday evening (see race day procedure for more information). Each round features a 10 minutes Free Practice, a 15 minutes qualifying and a 40 minute endurance race. The drivers must be in the lobby before qualifying, or they won’t start the race. Balance of Performance will be used in the series.

    IMPORTANT: We will use the in-game rolling start, but drivers will first do a formation lap (no overtaking permitted) then, at the end of the lap, they will have to stay in a double-file grid, at 80 kph (50 MPH). The leader can then decide when to start the race, between the final corner and the finish line.

    Race type: 40 minute endurance race
    Start type: MANUAL rolling start at 80 kph or 50 mph
    Tyre/fuel settings: 5x/5x
    Mechanical and visible damage: Heavy
    Tyres permitted: Racing Softs, Racing Mediums, Racing Hards. It’s MANDATORY to use at least 2 different compounds.
    Corner Cutting: Weak
    Side penalties: Off (human stewarding)
    Boost: Off
    Slipstream: Realistic
    Tuning allowed

    All times in BST
    8:00 PM: Lobby opens and 10 minutes Free Practice starts
    8:10 PM: Free Practice ends and 15 minutes qualifying starts.
    8:25 PM: Qualifying ends and 40 minute endurance race starts.
    9:05 PM: Race ends and lobby is closed.

    We will use Polyphony Digital Balance of Performance. Every manufacturer must be used by only 2 people.
    Toyota GR Supra GT3
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Gr.3
    Subaru WRX Gr. 3
    Nissan GT-R '13
    Honda NSX Gr. 3
    Lexus RC-F GT3 '17
    Mazda Atenza Gr. 3

    Round 1
    Tokyo Expressway (East Inner Loop)

    Round 2
    Suzuka Circuit

    Round 3

    Round 4
    Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa

    Final Round
    Fuji Speedway GT (Short)

    About liveries, you can go mad! You just need to put these 2 mandatory decals:

    Number Plate: Put the plate on both sides of the car, with your number in it in white color

    Sim Racing Federation Logo: Put it anywhere you want!

    To register to the series reply:
    PSN ID:
    Car choice:
    Team name:

    (Our Discord isn't mandatory, but we recommend it for communications)
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    PSN ID: RappyOfficial
    Number: #33
    Car choice: Mitsubishi Lancer
    Team Name: Mitsubishi FSC Official Team
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