FWD drag confusion, experienced tuner just now messing with fwd

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    herbal mason

    I am a long time Forza Motorsport enthusiast, and for just as long I have been tuning. Since the beginning of Forza, I have been enthused in drag racing. Weather it be split screen or online. I myself have some very fast, competitive, and consistent RWD 1/4 mile tunes. To cut to the chase, I have recently dabbled in FWD drag tuning. Being a life long Honda fanatic and all, it is a surprise that I have not tried sooner. I street tune all my vehicles, and mastering gears is NOT my issue. Telemetry is the key! But I cannot break high 11's. So basically, I need some advice for weight control and launch technique? I am not asking for tunes! Just one tuner asking others for advice! Thanks in advance. BTW I am using a full weight 97 civic type r, fully built motor (all motor, no power adder, stock flywheel), race suspension, drag radials, race trans, race clutch, race diff. Any part that I have not listed, I am not using on this current build.
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