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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by brente1982, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. brente1982

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    First time poster, and first time wheel owner.

    So ive built myself a cockpit using crap wood from under the house, its nothing fancy. But what im looking for is the best angle to sit the pedals on. At this stage i dont intend to reverse mount them, as i figure ill try and get some use out of my brand new G27 and pedals before i go making mods to them etc etc.

    My cockpit is similar in design to the Inside Sim Racing under $100 rig. Except my steering wheel support is ajustable in both height and angle in relating to the seating position.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. HoiHman

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    I think it's all trial and error and see what you like for yourself.

    A small angle is usually prefered though.

    I myself changed the angle of my pedals this saturdaÿ :

    Old bracket in front and new one in the back


    The new bracket raises my feet up a bit higher and shoud give me a better "race position"

    The downside is that this "improved" race position puts more strain on my back, so i will probably go back to the old one.
  3. Raitziger

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    Nice to see new G27 owner.

    Angle depends on how high your seat is. If your seat is low you must tilt them more.Enough is that you do not feel slipping when you fully press accelerator(or clutch) pedal with slippery socks :) .You should make a mockup of pedal stand (with wood press things etc) to try different angles to find what suits you best. I think also G27 comes with some adapter plates for pedals so you should fiddle with also to find best setup.
  4. MSTER232

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    Although I own a different wheel to the G27, I wish you the best of luck with this and a warm welcome to :gtplanet: .
  5. zed300

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    I just had a quick look at mine(G27 Pedals)- the front is about 55-60 mm lower than the back of the pedal base.
    Hope this helps.
  6. brente1982

    Australia Victoria

    Thanks for the info. Yeh ill have to play around i guess, and see what i can come up with. Cheers.

    Have had alot of fun over the last 2 weeks going through and looking at all the custom rigs. Very different techniques used all over the place, from the full integrating of handbrakes, and GT logos, down to the simply use of a ironing board. Whatever works for you i guess.

    When i finally get mine finished ill make sure to contribute pictures in the foums.