G27 repair

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I have a G27 sitting unused for several years because it's slightly broken.

The little switch that is operated by the 'shift-up' paddle is broken. It always registers when the paddle is pulled but regularly registers twice, meaning you shift up 2 gears instead of one.

I've just bought a CSW 2.5 so I want rid of the G27.

How easy would it be to replace the switch? If the soldering is going to be quite fiddly then I'm out.

It's particularly annoying because a few weeks before it failed I just got done installing a brass optical encoder wheel. Pedals and shifter work fine.

Is it worth fixing or should I just sell as-is so someone else can fix it?
The Netherlands
Many years ago I had a similar problem with the padle shifters on my G25. In my case it was the spring mechanism that wore out due to fatigue.

I fixed it by adding compression spring inside the hub. They are kept in place the bolts you see in the photo from my youtube video.


The pedals are returned to position much better and 2 clicks are a thing of the past. A sort of magnetic shifter mod without magnets :)

I hope you will enjoy your CSW2.5. I am also getting one when they are in stock.