G27 Sequential Shifter?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mac K, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Mac K

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    Afternoon GTP, I'm receiving the G27 as a Christmas gift this year(Thanks Santa:p) and I know it has the option to use either the paddle shifters or the 6 Way H Pattern Manual Shifter, but I was wondering if the wheel also has the option to use a Sequential Shifter, I know the G25 had the option, but I was reading the G27 didn't. The reason I ask is I like to keep things as realistic as possible, so when I drive a car with a sequential gear box(Super GT Nissan GTR, etc) I'd like to use the sequential instead of the paddles or the H Pattern. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Roryblack444

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    Sorry to say, but there is not sequential with g27, at least not without mods... The closest to it is using the h-shifter without the clutch which you can do. I know, it's not the same...
  3. LogiForce

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    You already mention the answer yourself. Ehm...? Besides that a look at the website of Logitech should also give the answer.

    It is a good wheel though. So I am sure you will enjoy your present non the less.


    You can buy a "Frex GP shift+" sequential shifter, wiring onto G27 pcb to make it work.
    Light modify work need.
  5. Mac K

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    Thanks guys, I just wanted to make sure.. Oh well.
  6. mikeonthebike


    I am working on this project, with NO MODS to your G27 whatsoever so you don't have to worry about warranty loss. Should have it finished before Christmas or right after
  7. wajdi1977

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    I'm looking for your updates about this project!:tup:
  8. BMkeys


    I've seen videos of people using rubber bands or springs, they tie them around the shifter and it works. look it up though because i know i didnt explain it right lol. its possible though...
  9. SkateNj

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    How does logitech even tell if you opened the wheel?
  10. Brando-K

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    I have done this before and it does work... It's a bit difficult to set up though. Rubberbands don't fit around the shifter all that well.
    However I assume the OP wants to play GT5 and if that's the case it wont do him any good. The game doesn't allow G27 reconfiguration so you can't set up sequential mode.

    When I did it I played Race On (on the computer so it allowed reconfiguration).

    @SkateNj, it's pretty easy, once you have taken the screws out they come out easier the second time. (They have blue glue on the screws)
  11. BMkeys


    @Brando-K: Ah seriously? i was hoping to upgrade to a g27 from a dfgt. i saw the videos and i assumed it would work...


    The Rubber bands mod just can works on PC GAMES that's allow user to config the H-shifter keys functions, so it's can't be work on GT5.
    And you must know that, once the rubber bands mod applied , it's not easy to returned to H-mode.
  13. mikeonthebike


    What I am building is a separate shifter so that is why there is no mod to the factory shifter and it will work on any wheel set for gt5. This way if you are driving a car that should be sequential or you want it to be you can use the sequential shifter and if you decide you want to use your h shifter and clutch if you have one it's still ready to go

    As far as opening the shifter and warranty goes they won't know you opened a shifter up for the rubber band mod (which doesn't work on gt5) then the option some go with is soldering a custom shifter to the buttons on the factory shifter and map the buttons for the shifting but I am sure that would void warranty on the shifters.
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  14. trk29


    Can you hook up a G25 Shifter to the G27?


    This is my sequential shifter connecting method have been posted few months ago, nothing need to connect with G27,SUPPORT GT5 & WINDOWS PC.:
    Frex sequential shifter "Shift+"
    Mini din connector( Just need 3 pins is ok):
    USB device hub:
    Inside the device hub is this:
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    Just picked one up on ebay claiming never been used because he likes the paddles for $37. Can't wait to sequential shift!