G27 Wheel Not Working - Possible Solutions

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  1. Hi all -

    Ive read some other threads / reports of people having similar issues. Here's the situation:

    - G27 wheel

    - Pedals work & shifter works

    - Wheel's shift lights work

    - Wheel itself doesn't work - no force feedback, no steering input - nothing.

    Any ideas?

    I've already tried in two systems, already tried new power cord, etc.

    Would love to get this thing figured out!

    If not - anyone want to buy an extra set of pedals or shifter? :):)
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    Wow. Joined in 2005 and that's your first post. has the wheel lasted since then lol.

    Not sure mate.
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    Sounds like you need to send that back to Logitech. I would've thought that if the USB cable had been cut none of it would work, and if the power cable and transformer were damaged but the USB was fine you should get steering input but no FFB. Have you tried plugging it into a PC and running the Logitech setup software thing to see if it's picking anything up? I don't have a G27 myself but there's Logitech software for the Driving Force Pro which shows the wheel, throttle and brake position...

    I just thought, if the FFB doesn't work, maybe the wheel isn't calibrating itself and therefore you get no steering input. If the power cable is alright it could be the motor. That's just a guess based on the fact that my DFP has to spin full lock one way then full lock the other way, then back to the centred position before you can actually use it, so if you don't plug it into the wall you can't use the steering. Like I said, it's just a guess, but it's better than nothing. Maybe.
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    Yes I have a G27 and he's right. Plug it into the PC and load up the Logitech profiler software (should be on a disk that came with the wheel) and it will show you if anything is working. If your still under warranty I would call Logitech.

    If you arent under warranty......how much would you want for the pedals and shifter lol
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    This is what Logitech is going to tell you to do. Luckily, I had the same problem with my G25, and it fixed it. Try this and report back.
  6. haha yeah - first post :)

    As for the wheel - I actually got it as a "gift" from a friend who ended up buying a new one when this broke.

    Figured if I can fix it - got myself a free G27!

    Anyways - I only have a PC... there doesn't seem to be a version of this software for Mac is there?
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    If I had to guess you would need to take à look at the positioning sensor on the back if you don't get any reading in the driver properties menu (where you set FFB and steering lock etc). Since thats where there is a direct read out for the device and testing the FFB.

    The positioning sensor is either disconnected, broken code wheel or code wheel sensor. Or maybe it has just rattled loose over the years somehow. Screwing it tight with loctite would be a good idea then.

    If there is no juice going to the motors then something on the circuit board gave way. Which might be hard to find let alone solder and find a replacement for.

    However the strangest thing is that both things don't happen. And no feedback and no steering input.

    Unless its calibrating itself in the same position 3 times due to the motors not getting juice/commands. One for center, utter left and utter right positions. All get the same center position of let's say 0 degrees when -450 degrees is left and +450 degrees right normally.
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  8. So does anyone know if the Logitech software is available for Mac anywhere?
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    If its not on logitech.com or wingmanteam.com then it is not available.
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    They have a Logitech Control Center Software for Mac OS X, but that is geared for their mouse, and keyboard peripherals.

    The link for it on the Logitech USA Downloads site is here:


    As far as I know Logitech does not offer drivers specific to their wheels for Mac OS X.

    ..but according to this MacOSRumors forum posting a Logitech Momo worked with prior version of OS X...but the posting is from 2007.


    There have been a few racing titles launched for the Mac lately, so there is a good possibility that some of the games support it in OS X.

    Edit (Addition): According to this later thread at MacRumors from 2011, the G27 is supported without need for additional drivers, scroll down to post 6, see:


    This actually makes sense, because a while back Apple started building in core OS support for some peripherals.
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  11. Yeah I borrowed a PC laptop and plugged it in...

    Software shows all buttons working - but wheel itself is not. No FFB or sound from motor, etc.

    Should I open it up and see if I see anything inside? haha

    Thanks for everyone's help so far by the way!!!
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    Well, your friend already said it was broken. You wanted to fix it... so ehm... odd question. However if you don't have the skills then it's dead and you can't do anything about it. ;)

    Random... suddenly McCoy from Star Trek popped in my mind:

  13. J B

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    Outlet powers steering wheel, computer powers shifter and pedals