G27 wheel steers on its own in GT5P

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5: Prologue' started by rhy99, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. rhy99


    I just got a G27 wheel. Trying to set it up with GT5P is a frustrating experience so far. The wheel auto-corrects steering input, always trying to keep the car from spinning out. This is quite annoying and I haven't found a way to disable it.

    My settings are as follows:
    Options -> Logitech Racing Wheels -> Steering Settings:
    Steering Type = Simulation
    Power-Assisted Steering = Off
    Feedback Strength = 5

    And then while driving:
    Active Steering = Off
    Driving Physics = Standard
    ASM = Off
    Traction Control = 5

    Am I doing something wrong? Last time I played a racing game with a wheel was GT3: A-spec on PS2 with an old Logitech wheel (no 900-degree steering) and it worked perfectly, no auto-correction.

    Another issue is that the G27 rattles *a lot* while driving, but I think that's a result of force feedback and the annoying auto-correction that is does.
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  2. rhy99


    Also, the wheel tends to shake violently even while driving in a straight line. I thought it could be GT5P's fault, but I tried the GT5 demo and it does the same thing.

    Here is a video to illustrate the problem:


    (it may take a while to get a good quality video, I just uploaded it)

    What do you think, faulty wheel? Am I going crazy? Please give me a reason not to throw the G27 out the window :banghead:
  3. IsmokeGT

    IsmokeGT (Banned)

    Don't drive with your finger tips and you'll be fine. Be in control.

    Drive the F2007 in GT5P, you will get the hang of it. :sly:

    Everything is working right, your wheel is fine.

    And the video is of the G5 TT, right? not GT5P?
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  4. Fredzy


    United States
    Every thing you describe and show in the video sounds 100% normal, sorry to say.

    The 'auto-correcting' you're talking about is the front wheels trying to take the path of least resistance. It's just normal car and force feedback behavior. Turn the strength all the way down until you get used to it.

    The wobble is just going to happen if you aren't holding the wheel still. If the wheel veers slightly off, the FFB will correct and then force it back the other way then the other starting a runaway cycle. You'll feel it shudder with some cars more than others. And the rattling is pretty typical but man I was hoping the G27 was going to be a lot quieter.
  5. CarBastard


    I'm not sure if this helps but here's a thread I created a while ago:

    Seeing up G27 for GT5P.

    I honestly don't understand your problem. My G27 doesn't steer on its own or anything like that. And it doesn't "rattle" it's quite quiet. Also, as Fredzy says, it's normal behaviour.
  6. rhy99


    Yes, that's a video of GT5 TT. The wheel behaves the same way in GT5P.

    I was not holding the wheel steady in order to show the problem. Even if I have a good grip on the wheel, it still shakes quite a bit left to right (very quickly, like in the video). It is very difficult to hold a straight line like this.

    Can't believe this is normal behavior. I've tried several different wheels a while back and none of them behaved like this. Needless to say, a car doesn't behave like this either.

    I know that some FFB is expected, but that's not the problem. This thing has a mind of its own. Hard to explain until you actually experience it first hand. It's like you're fighting the wheel all the time, even when driving straight on a flat road at constant throttle -- it just wants to throw you side to side.
  7. rhy99


    Update: with FFB set to 1, the problem is still there, and still as bad as before. Spoke with Logitech, they RMA'd the wheel. Hopefully the next one will be better.
  8. jagenigma


    I just got the DFGT wheel and if you don't keep the wheel under control and jerk the steering wheel in one direction the wheel will turn left and right and you will spin out. Remember that GT5P is a simulator and will make you feel everything!!!
    I have it set up with simulation steering, 10 for force feedback and no power steering assists. It rocks!!!!
  9. N155AN


    I remember this problem with my g25 using a f2007, and the shake usually kicks in at around 180mph... im sure i haven't experienced it in the demo simply because the cars don't get up to that sort of speed. Hope your new g27 will sort it :)
  10. Live_Fr0m_NY


    My DFGT does that...your supposed to be holding the wheel and controlling it. I guarantee your new wheel does the same thing, because the FFB is designed to work with you actually driving the car. this isn't the real parking simulator after all!
  11. Viktor Navorsky

    Viktor Navorsky

    my wheel got the same behavior, but not that strong... depends on what car im driving.
  12. Live_Fr0m_NY


    Even the Fanatec wheels do the same thing... It's the FFB programming in the games, not the wheel.
  13. BlacqueJacques


    I know I would not let go of the wheel at 150 mph! As others noted its suppose to do that because of the ffb (I have it cranked too!)

    My G25 does it in GTp and I love it! Can't wait for the GT5!

    And now how to get the $ for a racing seat ......

    Anyone know where I can sit in a racing seat in Canada?

    Afraid to buy online without an opportunity to sit in the seat; especially as they are pricey.

    Any product reccomendations?

    Has anyone used the VRC?
  14. Raging Bull

    Raging Bull

    Mine does this too, but only on straits and doing around 200 + MPH (usually in the big race cars). I am in the middle of doing the "Grand Turismo All Stars" race and the racetrack that's just one huge circle (forget the name of it) I had to use all my strength and still couldn't stop the wheel from wobbling. It shook so bad I lost control and wound up coming in 2nd because of it. It shakes for the entire 3 laps because you are doing around 237 PMH the entire time. This is extremely annoying. On normal little straits it's bad enough but this was ridicules.
    Aside from this one big flaw the wheel is just fantastic. If anyone comes up with a solution to this please let me know.
  15. alfredchiwai


    The metal plates behind the wheel of G27 doesn't work in GT5P but GT5 time trial. Previously, it worked well in both games. Even I reset all settings to default, it still doesn't work. How can I solve this problem? GTP friends, pls help.
  16. newbielives


    Standard physics and traction control set to 5
    Maybe that is why the wheel is acting up like it's trying to steer for you, because it literally is since you have all those aids on
  17. Touchingcloth76


    I recently got a G27 too and to my dismay, found the flappy paddles don't work with GT5 prologue. I've read elsewhere on the forum (probably in the 'Steering Wheels & Racing Cockpits' section) that it was an oversight by Logitech, having changed the gearstick to H-shift only. On the G25, if the gearshifter was put in sequential mode then the flappys worked (i think).

    But by all accounts the G27 will be fully compatible in GT5, as it is in the TT demo.

    Having said all that though, i'm finding the H-shifter quite fun in certain low powered events where you have several seconds between shifts.

    So, to answer your question, You can't solve this problem. We'll just have to wait for GT5.
  18. Rykon Zero

    Rykon Zero Premium

    United States
    In a real car, the wheels will turn into a slide.
  19. alfredchiwai


    Thanks for your reply, dude. The metal plates behind the wheel really did work to shift in the past. I don't know why. Anyway, thanks for your help. I'll be one of the fans who wait for this damned game.
  20. thedeester1


    United Kingdom
    Real cars do do that mainly because of the differential. When you steer a car the inner wheel has to go slower than the outer wheel because its turning in a smaller circle. This is done with some clever gearing. Once the turning circle is so tight the inner wheel has to effectively stop. If the cars tracking is set up properly then the resistance on this wheel will try to force it back into a straight position. The unchecked correction however is usually violent and then throws the other way. The reason most people dont notice this in normal driving is because your not going fast enough for it to be a problem. You may think your driving steady on GT but look at the speedo and you will probably be breaking most of the worlds to speed limits. Another thing that will set off the same reaction is bump steer. Ie the bump will try to steer the car and if your not holding the wheel. When I was younger I was a Boy Racer and had an Escort XR3i with stupidly upgraded suspension. I would see the effect you are experiencing every day! The Suspension was too hard to absorb anyhting more than the slightest bump so the steering wheels would try to move. If you had a perfectly straight road and could drive without holding the wheel (Not recommended) then any car in the world would show these results sooner or later.
  21. Lernatix


    Sounds exactly like my problem in the TT Academy demo.
    I had NOT set the wheel options to "simulation" and it felt like c r a p !

    Also, my wheel's alignment sometime goes out and I have to remove the
    USB, center the wheel and re-insert the USB. :(
    That's what you get for having a budget wheel I guess.
    (Logitech DF-EX)

    Meanwhile, I just load up Richard Burns Rally on the PC and forget all my troubles.
  22. nubcake


    Hows your replacement wheel like?