G29 + DriveHub worth it for Forza Horizon 2/4?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by viperfreak, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. viperfreak


    The title basically says it all. I bought a wheel earlier this week, plus a Playseat, but now I'm desperately missing a proper open world driving game on the PS4. Since I already have an Xbox One, I figured I would give the Drivehub a go.

    Does anyone else have it, and maybe tell me whether it's worth it?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. KeiferH


    United States
    I bought one so I could use earlier Fanatec system for Xbox 360 with Xbox one and was impressed over all, although it ended up being just a step towards buying a new Fanatec setup in the end as it was enough to get me in the mood again. Some things to note,

    - definitely update firmware (PC or Mac which is nice)
    - the faq / connection diagrams on the Drivehub website are not always right - were not for my gear, so you might have to play around. If you haven't already done so plug your stuff in here, and make sure it supports what you have https://www.drivehubnow.com/connect-your-drive-hub-to-an-xb1
    - email support is pretty good in the event you need it. I got a response on the weekend in less than a day and the guy was very down to earth, including being real open that the setup instructions given on the website were wrong ;)
    - once it's connected it's pretty stable, although the need for an xbox controller wired in too is a bit annoying.
    - Because of the various xbox limitations, I suggest also having a wired controller connected to a different USB port on the xbox to easily do things that don't necessarily map to the buttons on your wheel. If memory services me correct, the required Xbox controller attached to the drivehub is inoperable.. but I could be wrong.
    - I had to hold the P1 button on the drivehub when connecting it to USB Xbox to get things to work properly and I didn't see that in the docs.

    Personally I had some issues, but I don't think they are typical. I was using a very old CSR wheel. The H shifter didn't work, but paddles did. The clutch pedal didn't work properly but I'm not 100% sure that the wiring was good. In terms of priorities in compatibility I'd say your setup would be near the top of their testing list, and mine would be near the bottom.

    I can say that the stuff that worked (wheel, gas, brake, paddle shifters) worked perfectly and all communication with the company was positive.

    From a different perspective, do whatever it takes to play Horizon 4 ;)