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    Hi everyone, i'm GAVRANOVIC1991 owner of PS4 Community "GAVRA Racing". I write here because i'm looking for a serious guy as commentator who'd like to broadcast races on Youtube channel "Official GAVRA league". Please contact me on PSN "ID GAVRANOVIC1991", write me in the forum of site, or post a reply below if you are interested or for info.

    Soon we will open a big tournement for info visit the site
    Contact me on PSN "ID GAVRANOVIC1991"
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    General Rules

    Within the various social platforms managed by the Group (PS4 group, Community, Site Forum, chat youtube, facebook) it is absolutely forbidden to curse and offend other users or staff. Such behavior will be subject to immediate removal from the platform. It is also forbidden to use our social platforms to advertise your own site, league or community.

    Every user is responsible for his actions. Depending on the severity of the action a user may be banned. The period of removal will be decided by the administrator and his staff. People who should use a second nick/ ID will receive a more severe punishment.

    Users who subscribe to the championships not only accept the rules of the league but they take the commitment to bring to the end the respective participation. The staff, in order to ensure the proper functioning of competitions may exclude or do not take into consideration the registrations by users who have shown little seriousness in previous competitions (withdrawals , dropouts , truancy , etc.)
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    1) Respect other drivers.

    2) Always leave driving room on the track for your competitors.

    3) Under a blue flag, let the faster car pass safely and as soon as possible.

    These behaviours increase the enjoyment of everyone on the track, and are welcomed by your fellow racers.

    1) Push or block others.

    2) Engage in any form of cheating.

    3) Cut or swerve in front of other drivers.

    4) Message or talk during qualifying and racing (ensure your microphone is turned off).

    5) Race with or unduly delay drivers who are lapping you.

    6) Go over track limits during a race (an immediate 5 second penalty will be applied), or go over the white guideline indicating pit entrance and exit.

    7) Use the reset button to get back on track quickly.

    These behaviours annoy other drivers and may result in championship penalties or a deduction of points from your license. See Driving License Penalties below.

    Careless driving during overtaking situations can compromise or even end your race, or seriously affect others. There are some rules that drivers have to respect:

    1) During a battle, every driver should do their best to hold their driving line while leaving room for nearby drivers.

    2) A defending driver should not zigzag or cut in front of an attacking driver. NOTE: there is a difference between defending your position by taking a defensive line into or out of a corner, and deliberately zigzagging or cutting in front of the attacking driver.

    3) When cornering, side-by-side drivers must leave each other room.

    4) As an attacking driver, you might gain a position because of unfair contact with the defending driver during a battle. In this case, please give the position back to the affected driver. Fair driving conduct will help you to avoid protest penalties, and save your valuable championship and license points.

    NOTE: Aggressively defending your position can result in accidents and losing more than one position or incurring performance-impacting damage to your own car.

    Probably the most problematic overtaking situation is passing or being lapped under the blue flag. No driver wants to lose time as every driver is in their own race for position. This is understandable. Some guidelines to help everyone are below:

    The faster car has priority. Please respect the faster car.

    2) It is your responsibility to let the faster car pass as soon as possible.

    3) DO NOT race or engage with the faster car.

    4) The best place to give way is on a straight where you can safely get off the driving line, move to the inside of the track and slow down.

    5) The second best place to give way is to slow down and take the outside line of a corner.

    6) Drive smoothly and don’t swerve or slow suddenly.

    7) Any incident during a blue flag will be the slower car’s responsibility first, and will be penalized.

    Be alert and always take care when passing a slower car.

    2) Slower cars sometimes have less race experience, so assume extreme danger when passing slower cars.

    3) Remember, slower cars have a right to be there too and cannot just disappear.

    4) If there is no big harm done, don’t worry too much about small incidents.

    5) Complaining about blue flag behaviour on the messaging groups doesn’t help or fix any problems. SeeProtests and Incident Reviews below for the correct protest procedure.

    Remember, some drivers are inexperienced, tires are losing grip, race pressure is high, and everyone makes mistakes. Blue flags are a difficult situation for everyone, and everyone needs to take care and respect each other.

    Collisions and accidents may be investigated at the end of a race. If you want to lodge a protest against the actions of another driver, you need to have a replay or screen capture illustrating the collision event. You must submit your protest with supporting evidence within two days, and a jury composed of GAVRA administrators will examine the incident. If you don’t act within two days, or have any evidence, there won’t be an investigation. If a protest is upheld, then the offending driver may incur penalties.

    Protests and evidence should be submitted in the Claims Race thread in the forum.

    There are 2 kinds of penalties:

    • Driving license penalties.
    • Championship penalties.
    NOTE: Both types of penalties can be applied to the same incident.

    At the beginning of the season, drivers have 15 points allocated to their driving license (see GAVRA Careerpage for license details). Drivers can have points deducted from their license as a result of protests or direct action from GAVRA administrators. If license points reach zero, the driver will be suspended for one race. License points will be reinstated at the beginning of a championship, for example, if a driver has only 2 license points at the end of a championship, for next championship season the full 15 points will be reinstated. License points can be recovered if rules aren’t violated in successive races.

    • -8 Pts on the driving license for have damaged/caused an accident with 2 or more cars during the races.
    • -7 Pts on the driving license for have damaged/caused an accident with another car during the race.
    • -5 Pts on the driving license for ignoring blue flag.
    • -4 Pts on the driving license when a driver goes over the white line when he gets in or gets out from box.
    • -4 Pts on the driving license in case a driver use the reset button for get back on track quickly.
    • +2 Pts on the driving license if the driver doesn’t violate rules in successive races.
    NOTE: drivers can have max. 15 points on the driving license that it means that drivers who have yet 15 points won’t add more points.

    Points can be deducted from the drivers’ championship standings or drivers can be suspended from subsequent races:

    • Disqualification for the whole championship in case a driver should insult another driver.
    • -7 pts for multiple accidents (where a driver hits 2 or more cars in a race and drivers have to retire because damages are serious).
    • -5 pts for multiple accidents (where a driver hits 2 or more cars in a race).
    • -4 pts for a serious accident between 2 drivers (where a driver hits another driver and this can’t continue the race for serious damage).
    • -3 pts for a slight contact (where the driver who was hit can continue the race).
    • -3 pts when drivers do zig-zag during a battle or if they are lapped.
    • -2 pts or can’t join qualify in successive race for ignoring blue flag more times during a race.
    • -2 pts or can’t join qualify in successive race in case a driver use the reset button for get back on track quickly.
    • -1 pt or can’t join qualify in successive race for ignoring blue flag 1 time during a race.
    • -1 pt or can’t join qualify in successive race when a driver goes over the white line when he gets in or gets out from box.
    It’s important to understand that these license and driver penalties are potential penalties. Minor car contact is part of racing, and not all accidents have a clear cause or responsibility. GAVRA administrators do exercise common sense when considering racing incidents and imposing penalties.

    Driver’s standings and license points are maintained on the championship season page.

    If a team has a corresponding senior or junior team, then a stand-in driver should be drawn first from the sister team. The replacement driver gets points ONLY for the team. He won’t get points for driver who he replaces. Any need for a replacement driver must be communicated to the team leader as soon as possible so the substitution can be organized and the GAVRA admin team informed. Replacement drivers from outside the team or do not have a GAVRA license will first need administrator approval.

    Lobby is private so you can get in room only with an invitation.

    These variables will be decided and communicated before the championship starts, and will remain the same for the duration of the season. To check these conditions go to the championship page and click on championship rules.

    NOTE: Different championships seasons or one-off events can have different settings.
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    How Join?

    All drivers who want to join our championships they will be part of GAVRA Career. The GAVRA career is a new way to organize online championships for clean and serious racers. For the GAVRA community, the most important things are the commitment and seriousness of drivers, and a respect of the rules and guidelines. See Organizer’s Request below for more detail. To start a GAVRA Racing Career and enter your first championship season, drivers need to earn a GAVRA Racing license. To get a license drivers will have to pass an important test.

    To sign-up a championahip season, you must have a license. To get a license, you must complete a driving test. To give everyone the best chance earning their license and their progressing, the license test (and initial championship season) will be held in one of the less demanding classes such as GT4 or Formula Gulf. Once you have succesfully passed the test, you’ll receive your GAVRA Racing License and you can participate in the corresponding championship. The license test is important for us to judge suitability of drivers regarding firstly their on-track behavior, and secondly, their driving ability. The conditions of the tests (driving assists, tyre wear etc.) will be the same as the following championship season. Notifications regarding upcoming tests and championship season will be posted to the group and on the website calendar. There are four grades of GAVRA License that you can obtain by succesfully completing season championships. New license holders start with a Bronze license, working up through Silver, Gold and up to a Platinum license through successive completing seasons. See the Career Progression Example below.

    During the test, administrators will examine your driving behaviour under race conditions while respecting GAVRA’s race rules and running a fair clean race. Winning isn’t the goal, so driving too fast and erratically puts the ability to qualify for your GAVRA Racing license at risk. Remember, we prefer an attitude where drivers understand their limitations, respect others and follow GAVRA’s Racing guidelines. Again, the most important thing for your license are neither driving fast nor winning – it’s not a racing test, it’s a competency while driving under race conditions test.

    Newly licensed drivers will start their GAVRA Career in the same class as their licensing trial. Once you succesfully complete your first championship season, other classes will become available for you compete in.

    To mark your championship season succesfully complete, GAVRA admin will review your participation, any penalties, and your driver’s license points record. Please note that podium finishes and position on the points table are not relevant to season success or qualification for the next license grade. See the Race Rules page for information about driver’s license points. When GAVRA admin are happy your overall season performance meets the standard for the next license grade, the new license will be issued.

    Once you succesfully complete your second season, further classes will become available. Succesfully completing your third season, will make more classes available for you to compete in. After your third season, participation in any championship will be possible.

    You earn you license in, and contest the GT4 championship in season one. For season two, Formula Rookie, Formula Gulf, as well as GT4 might be available to you. In season three, GT3, Formula C, and LMP2 also become available. After season three, you could challenge the best in the Formula A or LMP1 championships.

    Season 1 Bronze License Season 2 Silver License Season 3 Gold License Season 4+ Platinum License
    Classes Available Formula Rookie Formula Rookie Formula Rookie Formula Rookie
    Formula Gulf Formula Gulf Formula Gulf Formula Gulf
    GT4 GT4 GT4 GT4
    If your license test was in Formula Rookie, then you have to compete in that championship season. Formula C Formula C Formula C
    GT3 GT3 GT3
    Formula B Formula B
    LMP2 LMP2
    Formula A
    The community regularly has one-off races like endurance events, or races featuring a particular car. Participation in these events may depend on your license grade. For example a LMP1 endurance race may be open to only Gold and Platinum license holders, or a Road C1 event might be open to owners of Bronze and Silver Licenses. Some events might even be open to everyone.

    If a drivers shows poor driving form, and/or a lack of consideration and respect for other racers, they may be disqualified from the season, possibly have their licensees downgraded, or in extreme cases have their license revoked. Also see Organizer’s Request below.

    Once you got a racing license you can join or form a team. Every team has a leader who chooses his drivers, team name and car livery. The team leader is responsible for the actions of his drivers. A team can have maximum of 2 drivers.

    The leaders can form a 2nd team or “Junior Team” with another 2 drivers. This team has to participate in a different championship. For example, Dynamite Racing has their number one team driving in Formula B, and the Dynamite Racing Junior Team competing in Formula Gulf. One advantage being part of a two-team setup is that if any team member can’t participate in a race, their other team can supply a substitute driver (the substitute driver gets points ONLY for the team. He won’t get points for driver who he replaces). As long as they are in different classes, having more than two driving teams under the same banner could also be possible!!

    During the season GAVRA administrators spend a lot of time and effort organizing and reviewing races, uploading the website and trying to make racing events better for you. Likewise, your fellow competitors take racing seriously, plan to compete in every event, and do their best to race clean and fair. So, before you sign up, please consider carefully if you are prepared to respect everyone else involved by attending and competing every event during the season.

    • Starting the season = finishing the season
    • Starting a race = finishing the race. Unless your car is totally wrecked and undriveable, you should get carefully back to the pits for repairs and finish the event. Remember, you’ll never know what will happen during a race, and your team needs the points!!
    • If you cannot participate in an event, please let your team leader know in advance so they have enough time to arrange a replacement driver.
    • Drivers that regularly miss events or quit races not only hurt their team and disappoint other racers, but will also be at risk of having their license revoked.
    • Maximum participation means maximum enjoyment for everybody!
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    Is there anyone interested to broadcast and comment races who'd like join our group?