Gear ratios glitch?

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Uxbridge, Ontario
MINKIHL's setup thread has been hijacked with this discussion so I figured I'd make a separate thread.

Users are unable to match gear ratios posted by other users. I originally made a setup sheet for a Gr.4 GT-R using MINKIHL's suggestions:

Top Speed 200km/h
1. 1518 / 127
2. 1290 / 149
3. 1128 / 171
4. 1010 / 191
5. 0914 / 211
6. 0832 / 239
Highest Gear: 4640
(Important: First put it on default - then to 200 km/h - last at 4640 and after that adjust the gears)

Yesterday afternoon I was able to set these exact ratios using these instructions: (1) Reset transmission settings to Default, (2) Set Top Speed to 200 km/h, (3) set Final Gear to 4.640, and (4) set Top Speed (yes, again) to 200km/h.

Yesterday evening I made a second setup sheet and was able to set all of the ratios with the exception of 3rd and 4th gear. The respective values (1.128 and 1.010) were outside of the slider range.

Today I made a third setup sheet and I can't get my gear ratios to match up at all, despite following the same four steps listed above. Here are my gear ratios from today:

1st - 1.517
2nd - 1.340
3rd - 1.208
4th - 1.101
5th - 1.013
6th - 0.943
Final Gear - 4.640

What is going on with the game? Why are the gear ratio ranges changing multiple times per day? This has got to be a glitch because many users are having trouble replicating gear settings.

Uxbridge, Ontario
Also, if I try to edit individual gears there is a glitch. For example, 1st gear is set at 1.517 but when I click on it to change it the selectable range is from 1.813 to 2.259. How then is the gear already set at 1.517?