Getting GT1 Save File onto PS3?

  • Thread starter zocker_16
Hi, guys I wanted to create some retro videos for Youtube with GT1 and GT2 gameplay. As my old PS2 got some problems with reading the discs I wanted to use my PS3 Slim for that. The games run perfectly but now i´m trying to transfer my old save files onto the PS3.
I got an Action Replay MAX tool which I used back in GT4 days to transfer my replays from PS2 to and USB and PC for some online leagues.
So I know how to get the file onto a stick but it´s written in .max format and not .psv which the PS3 needs for it´s internal memory card option.

Anyone knows a way to convert the files into a readable format for the PS3?
I´ve googled some 10 years old threads but at this time there wasn't a hack/mod for that, maybe this changed now.

If that's not possible is there any other option to transfer the saves?