"Give To Friend" not working

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by tomo 427 S/C, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. tomo 427 S/C


    Hi guys
    On my game, if I go to a car and press triangle, the "Give To Friend" is greyed out. And if I view the car and go to give to friend, the Friend List doesn't load. I'm trying to gift an Autozam AZ-1. What's wrong? :O
  2. JeronimoM


    Try reloading the game. Maybe the car can't be gifted?
  3. tomo 427 S/C


    No it still doesn't work:guilty:

    I tried multiple cars but nope.
  4. Otune

    United Kingdom Yeovil, UK

    Try going to Community > Username > Gifts and do it from there. That worked for me. No idea why the friends list doesn't load in the garage.
  5. tomo 427 S/C


    A-ha. Thank you very much kind sir. :)
  6. aLLeKs


    If your car is in use, I think you are not able to gift it.
  7. TenEightyOne


    You can't gift an 'in use' car and I believe there's a one-car-per-calendar-day limit.
  8. fwiw, I think the inverse is also true. If you've "shared" (not gifted) a car w/ friends, you can't use it. Took me a minute to find that out. Thanks for the info.
  9. trulshaavard


    how do you do this? I can't do anything from there...
  10. nismo33

    England St Neots

    I had this happen a few times. Just quite to the main screen & go back to gt life & it should work.
  11. the.true.samiam


    If you've added a friend recently, you need to quit the game and restart for the new friend to show up on your 'community' tab. Once you do that, there should be no problem.
  12. You go to Community, find the username of the person you want to send something to and select it. Then go to that person's gifts icon, select Items, Garage or w/e, and proceed from there. ;)
  13. It seems that some cars cannot be given IE the Formula Gran Turismo
  14. GranTurismo916

    United States Orange County, NY

    There's a 1,000,000 cr. limit.