Gonna buy my 1st ride soon but I have a few questions (Germany)

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Porto living in Hamburg
So, I've been wanting to buy a motorcycle since I was in my early 20s but never had the chance. 3 years ago almost I decided to take my A license (for >600cc) with the prospect of finally grabbing a bike soon after.

This year I'm in a situation where not only can I buy one (still financing cuz I don't want to drop all the money at once) but it would also make my commute to work 10x better and probably 2 to 3x faster.

The issue is I can't decide on which one to buy. I have 2 options in mind: Honda CB 500 X (base price 7K€ but with the extras I need for commute and all weather riding it jumps to 9.5K€) and the Yamaha XMAX 400 Tech Max (base price 7.2K€, with accessories 8.4K€). Yep, a scooter!

Reasons for each bike are different.

The Honda is the emotional choice. It allows for more adventure type riding, which I'd love to do, is more exciting, faster (even though with better fuel consumption and range), looks better and there are tons of mods and parts available for future customization.

The Yamaha is the rational choice. Is obviously more practical, has a huge under seat compartment which makes a top case completely optional, has a twist and go easy of use that attracts me especially coming from work where I sometimes am very tired, great seat for 2 people, good wind protection and very low maintenance compared to the Honda.

Any input from more experienced riders would be welcomed!

Before you ask, I want to buy new because I'm not very good with mechanical or technical repairs and because zi can rely on factory warranty from 2 up to 5 years. Also, I'm experienced and old enough to be perfectly cautious on the road and in Germany (Hamburg more specifically) the traffic and roads are very safe.

Extra: if you happen to live in Germany or Hamburg and know of online of physical store where I can buy / test riding gear, that would be sweet.

I've seen a lot of people on those big scooters, and quite happy with them. Most of the reason I see for them buying the scooter as opposed to the bike is being scared of the clutch. They equate shifting a bike to using a manual shifter in a car, which scares them, because "I can't drive a stick." Nothing could be further from the truth, as bike clutches are much more robust than car clutches, and bike transmissions are easier to shift.

Budget for protective gear as well. Road rash absolutely sucks (from what I hear, never having had any.) Rain protection, too, if you're going to commute. Good helmet, jacket, pants, boots, and gloves will set you back at least another grand, maybe more, but skin care in the hospital costs way more! I've been down from the bike three times and while I've had bruises and sprains, I never lost any skin, nor a single drop of blood. My own gear consists of "overpants," which go on over my street pants, and a riding jacket, along with full-face helmet, gloves and boots. I get to work and have regular work clothes underneath, no changing out needed.

One last point on gear: I know of a guy about 15 years ago that died after a crash from which the bike was completely rideable. He went down, he and the bike slid a little bit, the bike got scuffed but was otherwise undamaged, but he was scrapped up so badly they were treating him as a burn patient, with skin grafts and so on, but he got infections and didn't survive. With the right gear, he'd have picked the bike up and continued on, maybe a little bit sore.

Do NOT skimp on protective gear!

A 500cc bike should be a great first motorcycle. I don't think I'd want to actually be out in traffic on anything smaller. My vote is the Honda rather than the scooter.