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    Goodwood Spin Trial

    Can you entertain the crowd in the festival while getting the best lap? Choose about three stunts from the map from below and complete a lap in Goodwood in the fastest way possible.

    The Map

    The Stunts

    The main difference between a 360° spin and a donut is that donuts are static, on a circle and 360° spins can be made within a long zone. They might be more difficult to do, but if they are well performed, you get better laptimes because of their duration.

    Some inspiration:

    How to participate

    Save a replay and import it from a USB to your PC. Store it on a cloud and post a link.
    ...or use a capture card to upload it to YouTube directly.

    If you can't do anything of above, just post your laptime and you will be judged if your time is real and has cleared all the objectives of the challenge.

    Tuning Rules

    Just make sure your car can spin.

    The Results
    Car / GTPlanet ID / Laptime
    • Null / NullTester_001 / 0:79.000