GPBikes + HS1 Streetfighter controller

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hi, just wanted to share the joy :)

I'm having a lot of fun playing the latest GPBikes beta with a controller from IASystems. Anyone who's looking for a motorcycle sim (both software and a good controleer) check this out (about 1:45 for racing):

Pay attention to the upper right corner, that gadget makes a huge difference :)

It's not me in the video, I got a controller from there.

The game is still in beta, in the vid both the bike and the track are mods. Some bugs are still in there (some of which nasty) and the graphics are not current gen but the physics and riding itself is better than MotoGP, Ride, Tourist Trophy, Driveclub Bikes or anything else out there for PC or console.

The controller works and feels great, counter-steering works as it should on a bike (you push down on the left handlebar, bike turns left), actual motorcycle hardware for acceleration, clutch, breaks. Foot controls also work great for shifting gears and rear brake but they aren't being used in the video.

Once this is mainstream I'd love PD making Tourist Trophy 2 with this controller compatible! :)

Too bad my PC is lousy, otherwise I'd make an emulated 1080p Tourist Trophy video with the HS1. Graphics and physics are very dated but riding is so much fun anyway!

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I didn't know GP Bikes was still in development. Seems like some very good control with that controller setup. Only modern kind of motorcycle racing game I have at present is Speed Rush on the OUYA. But yeah, I didn't know GP Bikes is still worked on. Good riding.