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    Using the power/weight ratio, we could divide Gr.1 cars into three subcategories.
    High end, middle end and low end (I am talking about real life cars and not the fictional VGT).

    High end subcategory (hp/kg ratio around 1,00 or less) includes old group C cars (Τable 1 with red fonts). These cars have high top speed (>350km/h) but not as good handling as the Low end sub. cars.
    Low end subcategory (hp/kg ratio >1,60) includes modern (after 2011) Le Mans prototypes (Τable 1 with green fonts). These cars have lower top speed (about 330 km/h) but better handling than High end sub. cars.
    These two sucategories are well distinct from each other.
    Middle end subcategory (hp/kg ratio around 1,33-1,46) includes the rest of the cars (Τable 1 with blue fonts). These cars come from various eras.

    In Table 2 we can see the performance of these cars in three tracks.
    Blue Moon (very fast track with high speed corners)
    Tokyo East Inner (fast track with a long straight, one hairpin and various fast corners)
    Dragon Trail (a track with medium speed corners, hairpins and a chicane)

    Each car made 6 laps with Rasing Soft tyres, stock settings, cockpit view.

    Some comments and honorable mentions
    It's clear thar High ed sub. cars (especially Nissan, Sauber and Jaguar) are true beasts. Maybe Nissan and Jaguar are the most easy to drive (of this sub.).
    Mazda has extraordinary rotor engine sound but it falls a little short when it comes to handling.
    Peugeot is a very enjoyable car to drive (with high top speed and very good handling) and it makes for the golden mean of the two extreme subcategories.
    Porsche 962 is also an enjoyable car with nice sound although its performance is mediocre.
    Porsche 919 gets honorable mention because of its extremely precise, almost surgical, handling. It's the car, that most of all, reminds Formula car in terms of handling precision.
    Nissan (FF) is a difficult car to drive and, for me, is the less enjoyable of all.

    Table 1

    Table 2
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    This is good info. I think again this illustrates PD horrible classification system.

    There's 4 distinct classes...

    1. VGT spaceships - this can also be split up into perhaps the VGT and VGT+ class the way PD seperates them

    2. LMP-Hybrid - I think every LMP-H car is represnted here so no complaints.

    3. LMP non hybrid, the most under served class with just two distinct examples

    4. Gr.C - one of the most populous and popular class but they dont work unless its a full on high speed circuit run

    In future I think they will add the new WEC Hypercar class.

    For Gr.1 then races are just plain weird since you have effectively four classes running together on these nonsensical races.
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