Gr.4 BoP Tire Wear Profiles by Moose78

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[Edit - The following results came from tests run under version 1.42 BoP settings. The 1.43 update introduced substantial changes to the BoP settings for many Gr.4 cars. These results may not reflect the current performance under the new settings.]

I was curious about how the different cars in the Gr.4 category are affected by tire wear under the Balance of Performance (BoP) settings typically used in Sport Mode races. I ran a test at the Suzuka East with each of the cars in the category to find out.

Here is a chart summarizing the results:

Where did these results come from? I simply drove the cars on RH tires until the first tire got to zero tread, recording the time and distance (according to the odometer) when that happened. You can find the raw data on this spreadsheet.

Comments and observations:
  • The chart shows the time and distance of the first failure, along with a trend line. Data points to the right of the line indicate that the car covered more distance for the time -- that is, it was faster than average. Data points to the left indicate cars that were slower than average.
  • If these results looks familiar, you may have come across an earlier post that I made on the GTWS thread with incomplete data. Now that I've finally been able to obtain the Alfa 155, I've been able to cover the entire category. I consider the results here complete (at least until PD rebalances the BoP for the Gr.4 category). The rest of the items in this list were copied from that post.
  • Disclaimer: I'm a mediocre mid-B DR driver using a controller. I'm not especially fast, smooth, or consistent in my driving. The results reflect how I drive the car. Your mileage may vary.
  • Why Suzuka - East Course? It is all corners, and it eats tires like a tire-eating monster.
  • In general, the MR cars did best at this track and 4WD worst. The FF cars were scattered all over the place.
  • The clusters in the chart coincide with the right-hand corners on the track. Where you see several data points in the chart bunched together, it is cars that failed all on the same corner.
  • I found that most of the cars were still quite drivable after the first tire failed. I could usually go several more laps afterwards without suffering any spin-outs or sliding off the track, albeit more slowly and carefully. I might go back and re-run these tests, driving the car until the second tire fails to see how much of a speed hit comes from driving on the tires fully worn. Later, though.
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