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[Edit - The following results came from tests run under version 1.42 BoP setting. The 1.43 update introduced substantial changes to the BoP settings for many Gr.4 cars. These results may not reflect the current performance under the new settings.]

How are the various Gr.4 cars affected by wet track conditions when they have Balance of Power (BoP) tuning applied? I ran some tests to find out.

Here is a chart with the results:

What is this? To find out how each car handles wet conditions, I drove each car in two 7-lap custom races at Tsukuba: one in dry conditions and another in wet. Then I compared the optimal time from each.

For both races, I used the same time of day (early morning) and used the Equal Conditions Mode to ensure that I got the same weather in every race.

For the dry races, I used a weather setting of C05 (cloudy). The cars used RH tires, and I drove all of them with TC1.

For the wet ones, I used R05 (raining), which maintains the track a just above the second tick on the moisture gauge. I used IM tires and cranked up the traction control to 3 for all car to help with traction.

The detailed results are captured in this spreadsheet.

Comments and observations:
  • Disclaimer: I'm a mediocre mid-B DR driver using a controller. I'm not especially fast, smooth, or consistent in my driving. The results reflect how I drive the car. Your mileage may vary.
  • In general, it seems that 4WD cars have a huge advantage in GT7 over any other drivetrain in wet conditions. MR cars have a slight one. FR and FF seem to struggle equally.
  • Why Tsukuba? First, it has rain. But also, it is a short track with lots of variations in speed and cornering, which really test the limits of the cars in wet conditions.
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