Gr1 Spa 2hr Endurance - anyone fancy it??

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    Like it says on the tin. I want to start a race at Spa in a couple of hours at 1630 BST (I appreciate this is pretty short notice!).

    30 minute practice, take your fastest practice time to the grid start :D

    2hr race

    No VGT cars please

    BoP ON
    No tuning
    Fuel x2
    Tyres x6
    RSS tyres to RM available
    Light damage
    Contact penalty off (please be clean)
    Shortcut penalty on (please serve straight away)
    No ghosting of anyone, including lapped cars

    It's meant to be a fun race, so I'd hope if I can get it going that everyone will race respectfully and if someone does cause an incident, just ease off and let them back past. The little testing I've done the tyres should all balance out quite well but need to run a few laps with the RSS to confirm whether I enable them

    If you're interested then reply below, add me on PSN "theslowcaptain", and maybe we can have a nice Friday evening leisurely drive around Spa

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