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    I open this thread about the secret cars in GT1. Be careful, if you want see the info page of both Eunos Roadsters, Corvette 427 and Celica clone, the game will crash.

    SEMI-FINAL UPDATE: Added TVR Griffith BlackPool B458 and Honda NSX-R GT1 Turbo

    This is the my favourite, the Chevrolet Corvette '67 427 Coupe

    Then the specs

    The better version of the two secret Roadster, the RS. Is more heavy than the Arcade

    The specs

    The last car is the Mazda Eunos Roadster Arcade. Worse but with less weight

    The specs

    The clone of the Celica. Of course isn't an upgradable car and "steal" the nameplate of the previous car selected in the garage. In this case the TRD 3000GT

    This is the own racing modification

    And these are the specs

    Now is the time of the weird stuff cars. I've used the NTSC-U 1.1 for obtain these because I haven't found the codes for the PAL. These cars unfortunately can't stored to the garage. The code for obtain these are a sort of body swapping because change only the body of the car of course

    Licences B, A and IA now are drivable cars

    Now the other two: Trophy and Gran Turismo Logo

    Now the interesting thing mentioned before: you can have a racing modification for the weird stuff. It is simple. Just use a racing modified car for swap the body. Works for every, but not for the Gran Turismo Logo. The funny part is that "racing modifications" change every time

    UPDATE: Region Exclusive cars

    These are the cars that NOT appears in the PAL release. When I will have the time, I will add also them. For now I have only some of racing modification pictures and I didn't included used cars

    I start with Japanese release, that for me have more interesting things than the NTSC-U. In the Japanese release every TVR (excluding the Cerbera LM) have a different racing modification, plus a replaced TVR, the Griffith BlackPool B458. This TVR replace the Griffith 4.0. In GT2 there are both models and the BlackPool B458 have also a (J) badge

    And this is the own racing modification

    And this is the Griffith 500, one of the my favourite TVR of all time

    Now the Honda cars. The Japanese version add two extra CR-X del Sol: the VGi and the SiR. This is the VGi, the worse model than the SiR. Anyway in the PAL version you can obtain both with Cheat Devices

    And the racing modification

    This is the better model, the SiR

    The racing modification

    Now an interesting car, the Honda NSX GT1 Turbo. In non-Japanese releases is replaced by the "worse" model, the Naturally Aspirated Honda/Acura NSX GT2. The GT1 have the black color instead of the gold color of the GT2

    Now the NTSC-U Honda lineup. It is totally different from the PAL in terms of names (that many are also totally different models) and the first page of the lineup covers only Honda models and the second page covers only Acura cars. This is the EK Civic SiR-II, called Civic 3Door. Maybe is only a nameplate change

    The EK Civic Type R have a strange name change. In fact is called Civic (Racer). Anyway is possible to see Type-R decals in the sides

    Also the EK Civic Ferio had maybe the same sort of the EK Civic SiR-II, the nameplate. Is called Civic Sedan

    The two models of Honda Accord are worse in the NTSC-U release. In fact are the standard models and not the SiR models
    Of course the Accord Wagon haven't the SiR badge

    And the sedan model is actually called Honda Accord Sedan and not Honda Accord SiR

    Also the two models of Prelude had the same sort: replaced with worse models. There is a standard Prelude instead of the SiR model and a Type-SH Prelude instead of the Type-S. This is the standard Prelude

    And this is the own racing modification

    And now the Type-SH model

    Racing modification

    Now is the time for the Acura cars. I'm almost sure that the only change is the nameplate. The first is the Acura Integra GS-R. Is called Honda Integra SiR-G outside the United States

    The Acura Integra Type R. Luckily the Integra haven't the strange rename in (Racer)

    Acura NSX, standard model

    Acura NSX, Type S Zero. The intermediate model in terms of performance

    Acura NSX, Type S. The best model in terms of performance

    Now the my absolute favourite NSX of all time, the GT2 LM. I prefer the "weaker" version for only a thing: the gold color that the GT1 Turbo haven't, but I like this car more when is an Honda and not an Acura. :) in Gran Turismo 2 you can obtain this car only with cheat devices and there isn't the Honda badged version :grumpy: :lol:

    UPDATE: Honda racing modifications

    The only missed is the Bonus Civic (Racer)

    Now the specs for the NTSC-U lineup of Honda and Acura

    SEMI FINAL UPDATE: Are missed only used cars and the last Japanese TVR racing modification. For the racing modifications for non-NTSC-U version of Honda I will provide later. Now the cars and the specs

    PRE-FINAL UPDATE: The only cars to add are once again used Honda/Acura cars (NTSC-U and PAL) and the last TVR racing modification from the NTSC-J. Also the Bonus Civic Type R/(Racer) is missed
    Now the racing modifications for the PAL/Japanese Hondas. Are the same of the USA release

    And now the specs for the Acura NSX GT2 LM, that I've missed in the previous update

    BONUS: Added the Honda Civic Type R (EK) Bonus. There are three colors: yellow, pink and light blue. The bonus version is in reality the Spoon Civic Type R (EK)

    Now the last Japanese version exclusives: the TVR Griffith BlackPool B458 and the Honda NSX-R GT1 Turbo

    NEW UPDATE: All colors of the hidden cars!

    PRE-FINAL UPDATE: Added used Honda and Acura cars from NTSC-U release

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    All of those have long been documented i'm affraid.
    Fun fact about the Celica duplicate, contrary to the other one, this one is actually 4WD and handles like one.
    Also the Corvette '67 and Roadster (NB) have tire upgrades.
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    I miss those Accord wagons.
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