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    I have done something a few months ago that I forgot to share here. Basically, I took GT6 and put GT2 HUD elements over it in (Editing Software). It took me about 5 months to finish (2 month have been me doing nothing but trying to take the ideal photos in GT6 and making alot of stuff that I decided to scrap as I didn't have the motivation to finish them, basically experimenting with no success). I also made each texture as a own file, so if I feel like it, I could make an UI mod for a game like Assetto Corsa, where you can do a custom HUD as far as I know. Also, I really love being accurate with things, so I decided to not go 16:9, instead I made it all 4:3 to stay as close to the original game. Anyway, enough of me, enjoy the pictures! Also I apologize for my half arsed English. I hope that what I said actually make sense.


    The game's cover had to be remade, otherwise I wouldn't feel right about doing this. I decided to go with the Japanese cover as it was the easiest one for me to make.

    Another thing I paid attention to was the cars visible. All of them had to be built before the year 2000. It would just be stupid in my opinion to not care about those details.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I also decided to take my time and made 2 menu elements, like the garage and race select screen in Career mode. For the Garage picture I went to Suzuka Circuit and drove to the crossover point under the bridge, since it felt like the only place where I could take that picture that would become the Garage. On the same track I also took the picture of the road used in the race select screen (I'll just call it that, even if it isn't called that).


    Here a post I made on one of my Facebook pages when I finished it in July. I hope you like what I did!

    Also, you can point out any error I did. I also appreciate criticsm.

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    Will it play PS4 remastered by Gran Turismo 2 HD ?? :) When officially release ?? :)