Gran turismo 4 code conversion from NTSC to PAL.

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    RAW Codes

    (M) - Master
    F0100008 0058EF8B
    200C20B0 3C01000D
    200C20B4 00310821
    200C20B8 90210000
    200C20BC 10200002
    200C20C0 24020001
    200C20C4 24030000
    200C20C8 03E00008
    200C20CC A0830466
    203535E0 0C03082C
    200C2100 92220466
    200C2104 31020003
    200C2108 50400001
    200C2110 03E00008
    200C2114 44812800
    203520B0 0C030840

    No Crash Penalty
    2035FC74 00631823

    693 Days
    20A17AB8 0025728A

    Max Race Time (1 Lap Win on Timed Races)
    20357FBC 2442FFFF

    Always 1 Lap (It works fine even though the screen reads 999 Laps)
    200FFF88 8C830000
    200FFF8C 24050001
    200FFF90 AC650000
    2039B838 0803FFE0
    200FFF94 080E6E10

    Hover Cars
    200C0200 02261021
    200C0204 03E00008
    200C0208 AC4000B0
    2045383C 0C030080

    No Drivetrain Type Restrictions
    201A1788 24050000

    No Engines Type Restrictions
    201A1820 24050000

    No Cars Type Restrictions
    201A18B8 24050000

    No Tires Type Restrictions
    201A1950 24050000

    No Horsepower Restrictions
    201A19E4 24020000

    No Weight Limit Restrictions
    201A1B34 24020000

    No Length Limit Required
    201A1BDC 24020000

    No Country Car Type Restrictions
    201A2668 24050000

    Model Year From 0 Required
    201A2720 24050000

    Model Year Up To 9999 Required
    201A2784 2405270F

    All Cars Permitted
    201A2BB0 03E00008
    201A2BB4 00000000

    All Cars Free & all Colors Available
    201639F8 24100000
    2043AFD0 0002282D
    204489A4 24020000

    Can someone please convert these codes to work on PAL version of GT4? Helping a friend. :) Thanks..
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