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    Hello all,

    This is an enhanced (or Remastered) version of the intro from Gran Turismo 4. GT4 is in my opinion is the best racing game in the Gran Turismo series, and is personally my favorite racing game. The intro has always 'wowed' me over the years, it's just so great for this game. The visuals, the music, the editing, it's all so perfect.

    However as time progresses, so does resolution and quality. Because of this, the visual quality of the intro is not piratically great looking on the HD screens of today. I always wanted to do this intro justice and 'remaster' it when I got better hardware, so that's just what I've done. Now, I have never 'remastered' anything before. I fiddled with some settings and filters and upped the resolution a tad (I explain what I did more in detail below). You have to remember, it's a crap quality compressed 480i FMV from a PS2 disc, so it naturally looks blurry still. No matter how much I mess with it, it isn't going to magically look like the GT Sport trailer.

    I must of rendered this intro different ways 20 times, however this is the absolute best I've been able to get it looking. While it still doesn't look great, it does look better than it did, so I'm happy. Please enjoy this wonder of an intro, all credit of course to Polyphony Digital.

    Some of the changes I've made:
    -Upped the resolution from the original intro (480i just won't do)
    -Captured the intro from PCSX2 with 16X MSAA enabled (Got rid of some 'jaggies')
    -Used the intro from the NSTC-J version, because it uses the proper "Moon Over The Castle" theme (not "Panama", that song wasn't really fitting in the first place)
    -Cleaned-up the audio a tad
    -Adjusted contrast, brightness, and color (The original intro was a bit 'dull' looking)
    -Changed aspect ration to 16:9
    -Other various things

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    Doesn't look that much different but good effort I guess.
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    I know it doesn't look that much better, but like I said the source on the intro is a 480i FMV further compressed onto a PS2 disc. No matter how much you up the resolution, it'll still like slightly crap. My goal was to just get the intro to look the best it possibly could look, I of course can't get it into native 1080p60 due to the source of the intro being of low quality. I wish there was a way I could really do this intro justice, but alas there is no better source as of now.