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  1. Sal_89


    I open this thread about the recently found demo of Gran Turismo 4 (that I know the existence of that thanks to @submaniac93): the Mazda MX-5 Demo. In the Internet I have seen only 3 videos (for now) about this mysterious Demo. The Demo is based on the NTSC-U release of the game and the strange thing is that Demo is released after Gran Turismo 4 and you can play also at 1080i! Now an interesting fact: in one of these video, there is a comment (the user is named Giovanni Nigro, an Italian for sure) about hidden things. These are: an unused track, Grand Canyon (in this Demo you can race only in three tracks: Tsukuba Circuit, Laguna Seca and Côte d'Azur. Maybe there are also other hidden tracks) and... unused cars, that but aren't mentioned. The user confirm that there is also a fully working photomode. Now the videos about the Demo

    The first video talk about the origins of the Demo, that include also a link for download this Demo. Is also showed a race in Tsukuba

    And the last two show all of the Demo: tracks, options, modes and car colors

  2. submaniac93


    There's basically nothing else in this demo. Grand Canyon is the only hidden track in the game. There are no other cars as far as i'm aware either. It's really a properly stripped down GT4 demo using this then-new MX5 NC model with its own unique sound (never before seen in GT up until this demo).