Gran Turismo 4 - Old School Nostalgia Drifting - In 2016

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    PS2 GT4

    Well today I pulled out of my GT4 garage my fully loaded Shelby Mustang GT350 to give it a warm up lap. As this particular race required mandatory sports tires only, I opted for softies, a softer spring rate, and a lowered chassis, then drifted my way around the track a bit.

    This video brings back old nostalgia for me in that GT4 just seems to bring back that old school with style. In GT4 the 2016 Sonoma Raceway was named at that time Infineon Raceway, also known as Sears Point, which happens to be not to far away from me, which I attend now and then. This famous circuit is located in the beautiful countryside of the Napa Valley area in California and still venues many famous races.

    As always, I ran my GT4 replay in 1080i, then took this video directly off my TV with a older iPhone, and then posted it to YouTube. Much better as seen in person. Note: All of my replay videos are "From My Campaign Modes In A-Spec Only With Cars I Own In My Garage". No Arcade Mode Is Ever Used.

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