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    I've been going thru my garage and have totally maxing out these Bad Boy 30 cars with every possible conceivable upgrade in each of their respective tune shops. Thought you guys might like or be able to use these 3 photos of the power and weight ratios for comparisons of these 30 cars when fully upgraded. Further, all of these cars had no mileage, cause I've had doubles on all before. All received a car wash and oil change before I sorted them in my garage for these 3 photos... Personally, I feel the power to weight ratios tell generally a better story of a cars performance versus just raw horsepower.

    Note: I intentionally sorted and excluded the Ford GT Spec II, the 11 Polyphony Formulas, and the 4 Special Black Cars that I also have in my garage as this is about the "Other RACE Cars" known for being in the fast top 30.

    I have raced and driven all these cars in my garage many many times and what I found very interesting is that the Toyota 7, according to power to weight ratio, should out perform everything, including the Formulas, but that's not the case at all of course.

    I've tested all my 11 colored Polyphony Formulas also and have come to these final conclusions...
    All perform exactly the same including the game completion Special Black Formula. Sadly, none of the Formulas allow for any tire changes and only medium race tires are used. Because of that, certain cars on certain tracks along with actual tire, gear, and suspension setups can make a big difference between winning and losing. There are many threads about the fastest, the most powerful, etc etc etc. With that said, I can tell you one thing for sure after hands on extensive testing, that it's a toss up between the Polyphony Formulas and the Supercar in my final photo below...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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