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    Google'd this topic and wasn't satisfied with anything I found on GT Planet or otherwise. Anyway, here's my take on getting off to a fast start with GT4.
    1. Transfer the A and B licenses and $100,000 from a GT3 game save.
    2. Purchase the Opera Performance 350Z 2004.
    3. Enter the second special conditional event, Rally d’ Capri (EASY), and use the 350Z as is (no parts or settings changes required).
    4. Easily win the two two-lap races, sell the TOYOTA RSC Rally Raid Car prize car, and purchase the AMUSE S2000 GT1 2004.
    5. Enter the first event in the Japanese Hall, Japanese Championship, and use the GT1 as is (no parts of setting changes required)
    6. Easily win the Japanese Championship and get the NISSAN Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car.
    And there you have it. No license tests, no parts to buy/install, no setting changes/tuning required, and you have three very good cars to enjoy and win races with going forward.

  2. All Your Base

    All Your Base

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    1. Purchase Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR '92 from used car dealer.
    2: Do A-B licenses or transfer your GT3 save.
    3: Enter Rally d'Capri (Easy) and use Lancer.
    4: Win 2 lap races, and sell your RSC Rally Raid Car.
    5: Buy Mercedes SL65 for 190,000 cr and modify it a bit.
    6: Enter Legends Of Silver Arrow to get CLK Touring Car.
    7: Get some cash, and tune the CLK.
    8: Enter German Touring Car Championship in B-Spec and you will win the CLK-GTR Race Car.