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  1. Sal_89


    Hello to everyone, about a week ago, I have searched some hybrid codes for Gran Turismo 3, and in the bottom of the site, I've found also the car list for GT4. The weird thing is that are 765 cars, but Gran Turismo 4 have "only" about 700 cars. In this list there are a lot of never appeared cars and manufacturers in GT4, like the return of the two Gran Turismo 2 exclusive manufacturers: Venturi and Vector and other noticeable manufacturers are the "ufficial" Lamborghini cars and Bugatti. There are also "new" cars, like the return of the Dodge Concept Car. And the last thing: In the "The Cutting Room Floor" (for the friends "TCRF") site, there is the Vemac, a never seen manufacturer in any Gran Turismo and in this list this isn't, another weird thing

    This is the site:

    What is the your theory about this?
  2. JakeMR2


    Part of me feels that's a fan made list of manufactures the community wanted back then. There's 720 or so cars in Gran Turismo 4. Not 765 cars. That'd be exceeding it quite a bit there. Vemac is hidden in GT4 though probably for testing of car parts and what not.