Gran Turismo 5 not loading at all

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by dperry586, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. dperry586


    Hello all.

    About 2 months ago I got my copy of GT5. It worked for about 2 weeks, then after a PS3 update it started locking up when the game loaded.
    I tired a lot of forums and got no answers. As a last result I took the game back and requested an exchange (just in case I got the one faulty copy).
    Well it took a long time for the game to come back in stock at the store and I just received the new copy today.

    Guess what? Same problem. I put the disc in, adjust the screen settings, and then it locks up again.

    The screen it is locking on is totally black with just a grey GT5 logo in the bottom right hand corner.

    Has anyone else heard of this issue? All my other PS3 games are working fine. I've deleted all GT5 data from the PS3 also.

    Would love to hear some theories or things I could try to get this going.

    Appreciate your time.
  2. DJH1971


    I seem to have to the same trouble right now.

    Just got a new 320Gb PS3 to replace my 60Gb model which bit the dust due to the dreaded 'red light', but I have been playing GT5 for over a year and all the games loaded up.

    Somehow, as I'm having to start all over again on my 320Gb model, I am finding that some games, as well as one of the tests in the licenses don't want to load up.

    Yet, all my other PS3 games, especially CoD: MW3 are working fine.

    I wonder if it is due to a recent system update?
  3. Famine

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    United Kingdom
    Disconnecting the console from the internet should help - though it won't fix the problem it will at least get you into the game. After that, head into options and clear the network cache, which should fix the problem.
  4. Ellis

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    Also check your actual ps3 for unused data. Things such as photos, music, unused game files and other things can slow up your ps3 online. I had similar problems. Once you clear some space on your ps3 it should run smoother. Little things that you find that you do not need. :) Hope this helps.

    But I would try Famine's idea first before putting your ps3 on a diet :)

    EDIT: also check your actual internet connection, as DJH said games like MW3 work fine but they do not require as much internet bandwith as GT5 :) Consider this a last resort of investigation though :)
  5. beepbeephonk


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    Disconnecting helps me when mine does that but my ps3 always goes wonky for a few days after an upgrade lol
  6. Rwoody


    Im having that exact issue with gt5, I put it in, nothing, I tried disconnecting wifi, nothing but blackness??? I download the updates for the game...
    Anybody have other ways, or things to try???? PLEASE, I WANNA PLAY.... ALSO THIS IS MY 2ND COPY OF SAME GAME!!!!!