Gran Turismo 5 Rally Events - How do I beat?

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  1. Zero7159


    I am having trouble with the beginner and intermediate Gran Turismo 5 rally events that allow us to use a 4WD vehicle. I have tried a decked out 4WD Lancia Delta vehicle (on the beginner events) and a decked out 4WD Subaru Legacy (on the intermediate events) and I keep getting my butt kicked. I tried turning off all assists, but that did not work. What am I doing wrong? I keep getting fourth place by 5-10 seconds.
  2. Revenant


    For the begginer events I used a FF Civic... Just tuned it to the max allowed HP and stripped some weight. the Gravel Rally is the hardest in both begginer and intermediate IMO. Just try to brake early for corners so you can accelerate out of them as much as possible. Getting super-sideways is not necessarily a good thing

    For the Intermediate, I bought the Premium 2010 Impreza WRX STI. Tuned it up to the max allowed power (345 I believe) and stipped weight down quite a lot. added adjustable suspension and Torque adjustable center Diff (think i have it set around 60/40, enough for some sideways action, but still easy to keep oversteer under control.) Using this thing I beat the Intermediate Gravel fairly easily... took a few tries.

    The Snow is insanely easy. Im not sure if the Skid Recovery and Assisted stearing were on or not.... But i beat the Intermediate Snow by well over a minute in the end.

    So if your still getting behind in this one... something really isnt right. Try out this car, or just try slow-in-fast-out cornering. Im not an expert but it seemed to work well for me

    Also, here is another thread on the subject:
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  3. ChromeBallz


    A tuned Delta will do the trick for the beginner gravel and snow events. Just be careful, brake early and put down power through the corner without touching the walls. Turn BEFORE the corner! Don't wait untill you're halfway through before turning in. Gravel and snow are NOT tarmac, don't treat them like it.

    I had to do the tarmac event with a 'proper' car though. I used an untuned FT-86 (you win it in a beginner event) to great effect there, much easier to handle than any 4WD car.

    Not sure what i used for gravel and snow for intermediate, but i used an R34 i got earlier to beat the tarmac event quite easily (only car i had that was near the 345 hp limit at the time). I did the advanced ones with a Citroen C4 i won later, quite easily.

    Trick is to be careful, turn assists off (though ABS and skid are fine iirc) and turn in before you get to the corner to get a good drift going. The AI thinks it's on tarmac, just drive like you'd actually drive in a rallye and they're easy to beat.
  4. ReissPsY


    I know this is a old post but if people are still stuck on the beginners Rally Event for the Gravel and Snow Challenges this is my spec on how i got gold on both:

    Car Used: LANCIA DELTA HF Integrale Evoluzione "91

    Tuning Options:
    Body: Stage 2 Chassis Weight Reduction
    Engine: Sports ECU, Stage 1 Engine Tuning
    Intake Systems: Racing Air Filter
    Exhaust: Catalytic Converter: Sports
    Drivetrain Twin-PLate Clutch, Semi-Racing Flywheel
    Suspension: Fixed Sports Kit

    Driving Options: Leave Skid Recovery On and ABS set to 1 all the rest turn Off.

    You should beat them easy then, hope this helps anyone who has not done it yet.
  5. vicevice93


    beginner level = tarmac mugen motul civic (got as a prize)
    gravel & snow: Toyota FT-86 (got as a prize)
    intermediate+expert = Citroen C4 wrc (got as a prize: all gold Seb Loeb challenge)
    using on the tarmact medium racing tyres
  6. DB8-85


    United Kingdom
    When was the last time you saw a decked rally car???? You need to raise the suspension and soften the dampers on the re-bound. You will find it easyier to handle.
    On another note that has been mentioned is the LSD settings, but if it turns in well on tarmac, i'm reckoning it might be your suspension setting.:tup:
  7. DarthRaiden666


    I used my Race Modified Lotus Elise, yes it can be equipped with gravel and snow tyres, and because it is very very light it wins quite nicely.

    All I did was shorten the gear ratio's for quicker acceleration.
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  8. Livewire88


    Delta S4 tuned up (not the normal delta), I won all the rally events easy with it.

    Now the Seb Loab rally challenge is a lot harder!!!
  9. fourliter


    He said decked out, as in fully tuned.
  10. uncle_hayley_j


    Funnily enough, I ran the Lancia and did badly, swapped for a Toyota Celica GT-FOUR and aced it, look out for it in the UCD, it's a 90's one, not sure on year off the top of my head.
  11. rubbaduck


    I would recommend you to use FF hatchback cars for the Beginner, I used Mini S 07, nice and easy. Intermediate and expert I used Mitsubishi Evolution Super Rally Car, a nice car fast and handles well, you will be awarded with the car after completing the intermediate level, but I bought it in USED cars.
  12. Acheron79


    Beetle RSI is your best friend for the beginner stages. Seriously, I found it in the UCD, upgraded it a little, fiddled with the suspension settings and it drove like a dream
  13. uncle_hayley_j


    Toyota Celica GT-Four RC (ST185) '91

    Costs around the 20k mark, can be brought upto very close to the 245 limit (don't oil change it). Then if you really wanted, transmission, suspension, etc; but really not needed. 4 wheel drive, well balanced, can't be touched. I swear by it.
  14. sakusaatana


    I used the '10 4 door Impreza.. I have no idea why, but i am soo untouchable on snow.. I won the intermediate snow rally so that i passed every opponent in every SS.. Won by over 15 mins :D Must be because im finnish so im used to snow :cheers:
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  15. dcplus14


    Having trouble on the Intermediate Gravel.

    Using the Standard Impreza Rally Car (03?04?), getting beat by a stock Impreza. Need to find a different car to Gold this.
  16. friedi

    friedi (Banned)

    used the audi quatro ´83 i think.. bit tuning to the restrictions
    (nice on street rally snow AND dirt)

    2. loeb rally car only bit tuned (cuz of restriction)
    3. loeb rally car bit more tuned :p

    (2 price cars) you only have to pay tuning
  17. drew1913


    United Kingdom
    Just did the Beginners with a tuned up Delta, worked a treat. Just had a bit of trouble with the gravel stage but some suspension tinkering sorted it. Great advice
  18. Apprentice


    The 1996 Lotus Elise RM or the 111R? :)