Gran Turismo 5 UK 1609 Build (September 16th 2010 Build)

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Hello. I have obtained and dumped an ISO of a build of Gran Turismo 5. (Yeah I'm Paiky! ;) )
It is dated September 16th 2010, 1 month before gold. There is one new track, Matterhorn but not Playable sadly :( Here is a short video (longer video coming soon!) and some screenshots. Can i provide you the Downloadlink? You will need to decrypt the ISO order to play.
(Thanks to Dezent for assisting me in purchasing the disc!)

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United States
Cool! It seems that the PS2 tracks were used as placeholders during development. Look at those x-shaped trees! I also noticed something different about the Top Gear backdrop in the license menu. The Stig Challenge. Could this have been potential scrapped content for the Top Gear Special Event?
I can't figure this out for sure because I need a modded PS3 to find out (something that I'm not exactly willing to do). My first post here on GTP! :)
fascinating, kinda wished they actually kept some of those races. game would've been cooler with more varieties on part in my honest opinion

i wonder what's the difference between c-lines and v-lines tire though
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While it doesn't seem fully finished, it seems that it's going to be a 1 vs 1 "time trial/race" type where you race against "The Stig" (Who's in fact just a random generated AI in both appearance and name) while trying to beat gold, silver or bronze laptimes. The laptimes however are set at 2 minutes, 3 minutes and 4 minutes respectively for some reason which means getting Gold is going to be pretty easy. Beginning Class uses the Mini Cooper S, Intermediate has the Lotus Elise and Expert has the Jaguar XJ13 '66. It seems that it loads the default Top Gear map but i can't confirm this. On the other hand, the B-1 license that's set at TGTT definitely feels like it was based on an earlier build of the track as seen by the post above.

Gran Turismo 5 Beta UK Build 2 Screenshot 2021-05-01 23-31-30.png

(Notice how unfinished the background look like in this license test?)

There's a lot of things i want to talk about as well like cut features, UI changes and such but i assume most got covered already here, that and the overall unfinished state of the game.

To start with, you only have 10,000 credits when you start a new game unlike the 20K you get in the final game. This means you couldn't afford anything from the used car dealership. Also you can't sort by the cheapest to the highest.

The beta Grand Tour map:
Gran Turismo 5 Beta UK Build 2 Screenshot 2021-05-01 23-40-54.png

Buggy license tests?

Gran Turismo 5 Beta UK Build 2 Screenshot 2021-05-01 23-38-12.png

Fuel additives and Nitrous

Gran Turismo 5 Beta UK Build 2 Screenshot 2021-05-01 23-38-29.png

Redbull X1 (also noticed how it's a stand still grid start with only 8 drivers including the #10 Gamespot Camry?)

Gran Turismo 5 Beta UK Build 2 Screenshot 2021-05-01 23-38-33.png

B Spec Beta UI

Gran Turismo 5 Beta UK Build 2 Screenshot 2021-05-01 23-39-04.png

Unfinished GT Auto menu's

Gran Turismo 5 Beta UK Build 2 Screenshot 2021-05-01 23-39-52.png

The Third event at the Grand Tour was supposed to have a Fiat 500? I wonder if there's any leftover files for that removed Siena course.

Gran Turismo 5 Beta UK Build 2 Screenshot 2021-05-01 23-40-26.png

A 4th rally event that was cut? Matterhorn maybe?

Gran Turismo 5 Beta UK Build 2 Screenshot 2021-05-01 23-40-40.png

Beta Course Maker themes, only the Toscana and Eifel Kart one are selectable tho. Ability to make point to point tracks were a thing unlike in the final unmodded game.


Functions for Nitro and Hazard lights are a thing but i assume the later was only for debugging purposes (I know that it works on the DB9 and that's it)


Small detail but i'm pretty sure they slightly changed the genre group's of the in game soundtrack a bit (Half of the genre's in the final game were merged together)

Some pre order/collection edition/GT Academy cars are displayed within the respected dealership:



Different GT Mode Backgrounds to pick from including one that are clearly from the Prologue.


There's more but i don't want to spam even more photo's.


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